Truly the last post

I realize this isn’t necessary as I haven’t been regularly blogging but I am doing this for me. I am officially ending this blog and writing this last post will help. I am busy. I have three children, a husband who works late hours, and a very full social life. I had fun writing when I was less busy with just the two girls and had way less activities and had more time to write, but I’m just not interested in devoting extra time to entertain readers…I have three eager audience members who need me dearly and I am determined to focus on them and spend most of my time making them feel loved, nurtured, and important. 
Thanks to all of my loyal readers (um, that sounds so official but it really was just family and friends) which brings me to my next point- it was so nice to hear people saying “Your so funny Jill” and “Your such a good writer” and “I can totally relate” and that’s what kind of kept me going, that and just the fact that it was fun to see a completed post. It felt good, like I was accomplishing something, doing something different from the every day, but, and here’s the next but, I was compromising my home life and my family, and getting so caught up in thinking about writing and what I should write about and that I should be writing, especially in the last year…even though I hardly wrote anything, I still thought about blogging almost every other day, even though I didn’t actually write anything. 
I decided I would like to keep a few more things private, share less with others, and be more present with my girls. For a while I toyed with the idea of doing more crafty types of blogs (activities and creative things I’m doing ) and writing about the experiences but I’ve had an epiphany of sorts. The more time I spend writing for others, the more distant I feel from my own family. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and won’t be shelving that hobby, I just need to spend the next chapter of my life figuring out what makes me and my family happy, thriving, and moving in the right direction towards success and just feeling good.

Maybe I’ll write a book when I’ve figured a few things out! Until then, thanks for reading!