Girly becoming Womanly

Hi all!

So, I mentioned that I was going to have guest bloggers coming to this blog.

Thank goodness I named this blog I hadn’t realized back then that we would be having some new women on board. I suppose I should change it to the womanly reports but …eh…I’ll just keep it because really it’s just a name…

So, let me introduce you to a guest blogger. Her name is Brenda and she is a mom of two boys, ages 19 and 26. She resides on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A former Jersey Girl who fled the Garden State because of ridiculous property taxes, pollution, political corruption, and the ever-popular auto insurance rates.

She says, “It wasn’t easy making the big decision to leave our Victorian-style dream home on a beautiful piece of lakefront property, my BIG wonderful family, lifelong friends and Favorite pizza joint to move to Florida but it turned out to be the best decision we ever made!”

She pursued a career in teaching but ending up on a slightly different track. She founded LET’S B SAFE, her mission to create a safer world, one child at a time.

She wrote a book entitled Let’s B Safe


A read-together book for school or home.
Addresses some of the most common child lures.
Teaches rules that every child must KNOW & FOLLOW!
Bumblebee character guides and praises children.
Fun-to-read…not scary.
Rhymes make the rules easy-to-remember.
Fully illustrated. Multi-cultural.
Includes a Parent/Teacher Review Guide.
Includes a Certificate of Achievement.
Helps busy parents get two things done at once…daily reading with your child & a safety lesson!

LET’S B SAFE combines Brenda’s passion for child safety with her desire to promote literacy. She works with schools to create innovative child safety and literacy programs, provides Parent/Teacher Workshops, corporate “Lunch & Learn” seminars and classroom-based programs for children.

She is the past chairperson for the New Jersey State Special Commission on Child Abuse & Missing Children in Passaic Cty., and has appeared on the cover of BUSINESS NEWS NJ as a 40 Under 40 Award Winner.

As a child safety advocate, Brenda is the founder of the K.O.P.S. (Kids on Patrol for Safety) FOUNDATION, a 501(c)3 non-profit for at-risk youth ages 8-13. She is proud to have worked to help pass legislation designed to protect children from predators including: Joan’s Law signed by former NJ Governor Whitman and The Child Predator Protection Act signed by former President Clinton.

Brenda has a Masters Degree in Education with ESOL, Reading and ESE K-12 Certifications along with 14 years experience as a child safety specialist and advocate for children. She is also a Guardian ad Litem for children in fostercare.

So that’s her! Looking forward to her thoughts on life…check out her site at


Upon perusing my past posts, and thinking in depth about my starting crafts, quitting crafts, baking, not baking, self helpy annoying posts, it is inherently apparent that I need a bit of a writing break, thinking break, break from my brain.

People start stuff and don’t stick it out all of the time …and the truth is – who cares! Nobody. It’s not even worth talking about.

This was going to be a plastic bottle to decorate. We didn’t decorate a ton more…and like I said, it’s really not that important!

I don’t need to tell anyone that I am stopping something or starting something…it’s not like Jennifer Aniston made an announcement that she was stopping following the Zone diet, remember that one? Or that Jillian Michaels broke down, stopped exercising for a week, and stuffed her face full of chocolates…maybe this happened …but we’ll never know and it really doesn’t matter!

Now if the Pope became Jewish, that would be important. But I’m not the Pope. I’m just a gal with a blog who over shared and I would like to keep a few things in the vault from now on.

. Shhhh…..
In fact, I will be looking through old posts and deleting a few eye rolling ones, as I choke on embarrassment, thinking of my friends reading these…you know the ones…the “I QUIT” posts.

This blog is movin on up…or rather out of the therapists chair! Well, me, that is…


With that being said, I am broadening the scope of ideas and adding to our reading fun…I will be having guest writers…coming soon to the girlyreports….I know I have promised this in the past and these people never materialized for one reason or another…just the way life goes…but I have a couple definite women writing soon and I can’t wait!

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Find ladies that make you laugh, feel alive…

“Let me ask you a question,” I asked my friend, a mom of three…I was lakeside with a friend, absolutely enjoying her company while our husbands and kids played in the water.

The question was completely irrelevant to this post (it was about advice if I should join the gym because the childcare center at the gym seemed so small and crowded). She was like, “Jill, do you remember the size of rooms from when your were three or four?”

She made a great point and I did end up joining a gym…and it’s been great…actually pretty fabulous, and what a break for mommy! I can stroll on the treadmill, since I’m not exactly in top form these days, and when I pick the girls up, they are so happy. Luckily, they have each other so I don’t feel completely worried…I don’t even care if I get in great shape, it’s just such a nice “me time” for 45 minutes or so…I might not have joined if it wasn’t for a few wise friends.

So my point is thank you to my friend and all of my other girl friends who encouraged me to take this step… And thank you to my girlfriends who just make me feel supported, normal, and just like them.

Women, mommies, and wives- we need to be with each other, ( I think that came out wrong – not sexually of course) share thoughts and ideas with one another and mostly, be real and honest, so we don’t feel alone.


Anchors are women that are more of a sinker, rather than a floater. You leave a play date or event and feel worse, depleted, kind of an underwater feeling. Spend time with women who make you feel you are ok, relaxed and floating (nothing wrong with a glass or wine or two to float along with as well).

Then there are women who just don’t do it for ya. You’re not laughing, you’re not sharing feelings without being judged, you’re feeling less than, or you feel like getting together is more of an obligation.

Avoid these ladies like the plague ( I’m sure we can all think of someone like this or slightly like this in their heads- hell, maybe, I’m one of these women, in that case – avoid me! I promise I won’t be offended.)

Nothing worse than hanging with a woman who stares at you blankly, has nothing to say to support you but makes you feel more alone, less than, inadequate, or the worst feeling of all -BORED… Bored with their incessant drone of what they have, what their kids have, how they want to do something but don’t do it … Or maybe they just are boring!

Run from them. Find ladies that make you laugh, feel alive, are bouncing boards for ideas, and basically make you feel completely normal.

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