Am I really old?

A few days ago, we had a trip into NYC, we were meeting up with my in laws, who were celebrating their 40th anniversary. My husband and brother in law planned a super fun day…we started out at lunch at Pier 66 Maritime, it was awesome, the weather was gorgeous and we were all having cocktails and eating lunch outside…

At one point, my Aunt was pointing to a group of ladies eating behind us, saying that, “Just think, in 15 years, those could be your daughters.” I whipped around to see what she was talking about…it was a group of attractive young ladies having drinks and socializing…I turned back and laughed but what I really was thinking was, “Huh- my daughters…I don’t think so, those girls are me! Add a few ladies and this could be me and my friends! I could totally see myself hanging out with the girls, frolicking in a sundress, sipping a Cosmo, checking out the scene…”

Do you ever find yourself forgetting you’re not so young anymore, like an awesome song comes on the radio and your right back in a bar or a club? That doesn’t happen to me as much as it used to, like when I first had a baby…I was still able to meet friends for lunch and the baby was more like a glorified tote that I had to carry around and occasionally feed. During those lunches I still felt young and free.

Fast forward to today, where my pedicure is half chipped off because my kids can’t seem to stop stepping on my feet, I always have something stained or stuck to my clothes, I wear mom shorts, I tend to have a blank or worried look going on ( not the open, smiling, come hither, seductive face I used to use to flaunt —- JUST KIDDING! Just figured I could dream for a minute… Flirty yes, seductive, not so much…but there’s still time…

I love this life and wouldn’t change it in a million years and despite the 50% put together look, I am feeling more fulfilled than I ever have…and p.s. It’s ten pm on a Saturday night and I am writing this! We already had an amazing time with friends and kids tonight…but the party is over! And my husband is already asleep. Ha – remember when we used to go out at ten.
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5 thoughts on “Am I really old?

  1. Sasha

    My husband and I were just talking about how we used to meet up around the time we are now crashing into bed! Kids definitely change you, but the change is for the better I think! 🙂


  2. Dorothy

    It was such an awesome day; one that I will forever cherish and you will always be that young and beautiful girl at the Jersey Shore 🙂


  3. Caryn

    Soooo true. Just wait till your my age👠👠👠 these walking shoes were traded in a long time ago for comfy ones. And my beautiful daughter traded places with me. Now I’m in the back ground watching you blossom💞


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