I am free

I feel grown up. I am at the airport, wearing a dress. For years, I have schlepped it with yoga pants and sweatshirts in an airport, but this morning, I decided to put on a dress and jewelry, granted it’s a long, flowing, soft cotton dress, so it’s comfy for the plane, but a dress nonetheless… And might I clarify that I truly don’t travel that much – just realized that comment made me sound like I am some world traveler! Jet setting off to all these fabulous places- I am a simple, plane jane kind of a mom who has been on an airplane like once every two or three years – and always in the states – no European adventures for us – maybe one day…

It’s amazing how clothes can make you feel different, I mean, I feel so fancy that I just had to go to Starbucks and get myself a cappuccino – did I forget to mention that I am at the airport alone? No kids…yeeees…

I. Am. Free.

I love the girls but …Ahhh, I just took a deep breath and leaned back in my chair… no one is climbing on my lap, no one is fighting over anything – I was trying to think of a certain toy that the girls fight over but there is nothing specific – those two angels would fight over a piece of scrap paper…As I sit here and look at the vast array of airport snack choices, I am reveling in the fact that no one needs “ANOTHER SNACK.” I could go and buy a treat and eat it all by myself and not have to share…but I won’t because I need to start this trip on a relatively healthy note.

I am on my way to visit my dear friend Lynn, who was a JMU roomy and one thing we did well then, and still probably do now is EAT. We were such pigs…one time we met at the library to study and made a bowl of brownie batter- right in the library – and pigged out while we studied…Unfortunately, we were both about 15 pounds heavier back then!

Yes, we’ve come a long way from then, well, a little bit better – Lynn is probably more disciplined than me…last night I was munching on Reece’s pieces from fish week theme…I’ll post when I get back!

Until then, this girl is footloose and free and ….”I’m so fancy…” I hear Iggy’s voice in the background as well as the airport attendant calling Group Two to Board…

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