Eating Nonsense

Dealing with the dervish…

“Vroom…vroom…there she goes, like a whirling dervish…” my husband used to say to me when I would get caught in an obsessive spinning cycle…

It’s not like I literally spun around the house like a spider on crack but I just tend to get obsessive about things (yes, broken record here…Jill is obsessive) don’t worry this isn’t going to be one of those annoying posts where I am not writing anymore or not baking anymore…I promised a month ago I wouldn’t post about writing or not writing and I stuck to it.

I wrote about not baking anymore and I am not sticking to that! Of course I will bake again. I don’t care. I am done, done, done with any more posts, thoughts, ideas about quitting anything…here I am on vacation, away from every day life, and just realizing how stupid and nonsensical those thoughts were…there is so much going on in the world, and since we are away I have had more time to watch the news in the morning and see what’s really important, to laugh with my family, and to have fun…


Taking a break from the pool!

We are so cute!

Seeing these girls having so much fun at the boardwalk was heart warming…and the night was complete with pizza, hot dogs, cotton candy, and fried Reese’s peanut butter cup, fried cookie dough, and a fried Twix.
We are having the best time. I have fallen in love with my friend’s family. They are so funny, caring, and loving, it has been the best time…my only regret, not bringing them my cookies which they love. Live and learn.

Being away from everything, and relaxing at the beach has given me time to reflect…this past year I have enjoyed starting this blog but sometimes I write about stuff that is simply “time wasting,” as my Mom would say…spending time thinking about food and what we’re going to eat or not eat… Writing about my worries…Perhaps a minuscule part of life, but post worthy- not so much…Do I want to pig out every day and become a big fat cow, um no…Does anyone? But enough with the quitting sugar, low carb, no more baking crappola. Please bop me on the head if I ever mention this again and stick a newspaper in front of my face…there’s so much more to life…not to mention the fudge that I plan on buying on the boardwalk before we leave.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE TOP MOMMY BLOG BANNER RIGHT AFTER THIS POST, I just added my blog to this top mommy blog site…just kind of trying it out and you get ranked by how many clicks you get a day… So click away- every time you read or if you love me, every day:) sorry to be annoying, just trying something new.


4 thoughts on “Eating Nonsense

  1. Sasha

    There is truly something about vacation which seems to allow us break free and simply enjoy being. I love your perspective on seeing how much bigger this world is than us!


  2. juliasarnold

    Even though vacations are different (very, very different) after having children, they really can help us appreciate what we have and re-prioritize, right?


    1. Jill

      So true, and the break gets you “out of your head” and you can observe more, feel more, rather than just being on autopilot and thinking the same thoughts/worries…


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