Girly Reports Part Two…Do what you can. Be what you can.

Hi everyone! It’s been over two years since I have written a post.

I was convinced I would never write again…  but then again, Never say never.

I mean really, who has ever said “I’m never eating another cookie again or I’m never drinking again,” and actually stuck with it!

I stopped writing because I was busy.


I had my third baby almost three years ago and at the time, I put so much pressure on myself to blog constantly, lose the baby weight, bake and be creative, keep up a full social calendar, take care of a newborn, the girls, and all the other obligations …It was a recipe for disaster and even writing this has my nerves rattled… I QUIT! That was my mantra .. a lot.. and not just about writing — about many things … if it wasn’t going to be great – why do it at all?
Actually I still struggle with this today but I’m working on it! I miss writing. And I want to push forward and quit the quitting!

Recently my girls and I started a YouTube channel. The kids have always liked to bake so they came up with the name Baking Brats.
You can check out their site here…Baking Brats

In any case, it made me start thinking about my old blog…and I realized that I missed writing … not that I miss the actual “labor “ of writing- I’d rather zone out and be lazy … but I am dumbing down here with these kids! All I do is reprimand and humor an almost three year old, force kids to do homework, drive the girls to their many activities, clean, cook, bake, and deal with second grade girl DRAMA!  Yikes! It’s true what moms of older children tell me, it doesn’t get easier, the problems just change and in some cases, get more difficult.

In any case, the Girly Reports are back!
You can look forward to more Girly… less crazy, well actually still crazy, just more grounded. I hope.
Don’t worry … I didn’t quit drinking wine, take up knitting, and become boring…I’m not that changed.. still the same Crazy – just older, less frantic, and possibly wiser. There are only 24 hours in the day and I need my beauty sleep! I just noticed my first major wrinkle!

Looking back on my older posts, I was way too…I can’t decided on the word…Frantic, Undecided (remember all those “I’m going to quit baking posts), OCD, and Unstable.

Um…well…that actually makes me sound certified insane !crazy

But it’s kind of true. Ask any one who really knows me!

But, I am determined to start a new mantra. Do what you can. Be what you can.

That’s it. Period.

Collect ideas, friends, memories, the highs and the lows, accomplishments, failures and be content with what you get and what you can do.  I say collect because it makes me think of collecting shells on the beach. A relaxing stroll alongside the calming waves of the sea, collecting different shapes and sizes along the way. Not forcefully digging for shells that you may never find.