Greek yogurt and happy thoughts

Hi everyone!  Just a quick post to say we are starting out strong with a happy, healthy breakfast. After yesterday’s post, Closing the Sweet Shop I needed to begin with a bang! Gia and Arianna were so giddy with happiness to get their smiley breakfast.  I tell ya, it doesn’t take much, just do something so simple like make a raisin face with a strawberry smile and they are in heaven…


This was plain Greek yogurt, mixed with mashed bananas, and a little honey. A whole grain waffle and a side of strawberries… Yum!

Later on today, the girls were thrilled to have simple graham crackers…Ahh, I am feeling calmer already…Way better than Cheez-Its and frosting…

I actually had to say good bye to Cheez-Its a while back but forgot to post about it!





They don’t seem to be missing any oatmeal raisin frosted cookie bars…

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