Beginning the journey to find balance

I’ve been feeling kind of lost. Not knowing what direction to take this blog. I know it’s just a blog, something I started because I thought it would help me be a better mom, person, keeper of the house…like if I was putting it out there for the world to see, it would somehow inspire me to “do more.”

The problem is that it did inspire me to do more. I tried cute crafts, tons of baking, and various ideas and it was nice and it looks like I do a lot. I worked hard with this blog. People tell me they like reading my posts.

I suppose I’ve sharpened my writing skills a bit, and I learned how to do things on the computer, and I’ve certainly toughened up my skin by just putting it all out there and not caring what people think, BUT as of today, I am still suffering with …

I’m not quite sure how to put it – just a feeling that I’m not living peacefully, not balanced, and doing what really matters.

Today, I decide to find more peace and put my needs and my family’s needs above all else.

I thought I was just baking too much but I think it’s way deeper than that. I feel as if I’ve been busying myself with “lots of stuff,” joining Pinterest, participating in many kid’s activities, doing the theme stuff, etc…but it seems like it’s just been stuff…fluff.

I plan on exercising for me, baking quality over quantity, doing less activities, slowing down, saying no, not planning as much, and the MOST IMPORTANT THING, tuning out the world and playing with my girls. We will still do crafts, I have girls – they love crafts – but they won’t be just for a cute post.

I will be having a new blogger soon to join this blog and she strives for balance every day. I can’t wait for her to begin.

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5 thoughts on “Beginning the journey to find balance

  1. Dorothy

    Hmm achieving balance, I think we all strive to do that, not easy! But in the meantime you are the center of those little girls world and no matter what you do big or little they will continue to thrive 🙂


  2. Sasha

    Love it Jill!! Blogs, writing, baking, Pinterest, they will come and go. Our children are only with us for a little while. Thanks for the reminder today to place my focus on them first and foremost.


  3. millercashley

    I just started a blog hoping for the same. I want to be a better Mommy. I think I am a good Mommy, but I know I could be more patient, say yes to the kids more, not get so mad at them so quickly, etc…I have four boys, ages 6 and under, so it’s tough. Following your blog in hopes of balancing this crazy life. Thanks for posting!


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