let’s get real

THEMES ARE OVER!!! I’m exhausted, spending too much money, time, with baking and crafts!

I don’t know how moms do it but no more ! This ain’t my thing.

People say I’m creative- but this isn’t for me!


Stressed and tired!

I know what ya’ all are thinking – “But they’re so cute!”


I mean, even I want to backslide on my no more baking/cute themes but
I am seriously done!

I have gotten more site traffic from crafts but OH WELL.

I know for those of you not in the blogging world, you’re like who the hell cares.

Yes, I am a good baker and yes, I am creative BUT at what cost?

The girls want more mommy. They want me to cuddle, read, play…and they probably won’t miss the creative treats and crafts – maybe my readers will – maybe the girls will – but I don’t care anymore!

I finally have the courage to say – this sucks!

I just want to enjoy the rest of this summer! Hell, I want to enjoy the rest of my life home with the girls who won’t be little for long! And I probably won’t be home forever so…..good bye Susie homemaker!

Being this blogger, baker, crafter, and especially this summer, has made me feel like I have four jobs.

Taking care of the kids, being a pre school teacher, running a bakery, and a cleaning woman ( yes, I know that is already part of my job but all of the glitter, spilled beads and gems, glue, flour, frosting, batter, crumbs, etc….has multiplied my every day chores times ten!)

I quit. Good bye themes.

BUT Let me show you the pics from fancy week, they’re quite fancy.

Fancy cookies

Decorating everything…

And this….

Don’t even ask!!!!

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