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Hi, my name is Jill. Welcome to my blog! I am a stay at home mom to three girls.
I have a lot of thoughts so you can keep scrolling to read my latest posts! We also like to bake easy, fun cakes and the like. I am not a professional baker and this is not the place for knock your socks off, magazine cover cakes! But my baked goods are so easy to make anyone can try them!

I am also trying to take steps to live a better, healthier, and more relaxed life. I hope to start writing about that soon!

Every day is an adventure filled with activities, ups and downs, fun times, and crappy times. Keep on scrolling and read my stuff! Would love to hear what you think!


Upon perusing my past posts, and thinking in depth about my starting crafts, quitting crafts, baking, not baking, self helpy annoying posts, it is inherently apparent that I need a bit of a writing break, thinking break, break from my brain.

People start stuff and don’t stick it out all of the time …and the truth is – who cares! Nobody. It’s not even worth talking about.

This was going to be a plastic bottle to decorate. We didn’t decorate a ton more…and like I said, it’s really not that important!

I don’t need to tell anyone that I am stopping something or starting something…it’s not like Jennifer Aniston made an announcement that she was stopping following the Zone diet, remember that one? Or that Jillian Michaels broke down, stopped exercising for a week, and stuffed her face full of chocolates…maybe this happened …but we’ll never know and it really doesn’t matter!

Now if the Pope became Jewish, that would be important. But I’m not the Pope. I’m just a gal with a blog who over shared and I would like to keep a few things in the vault from now on.

. Shhhh…..
In fact, I will be looking through old posts and deleting a few eye rolling ones, as I choke on embarrassment, thinking of my friends reading these…you know the ones…the “I QUIT” posts.

This blog is movin on up…or rather out of the therapists chair! Well, me, that is…


With that being said, I am broadening the scope of ideas and adding to our reading fun…I will be having guest writers…coming soon to the girlyreports….I know I have promised this in the past and these people never materialized for one reason or another…just the way life goes…but I have a couple definite women writing soon and I can’t wait!

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let’s get real

THEMES ARE OVER!!! I’m exhausted, spending too much money, time, with baking and crafts!

I don’t know how moms do it but no more ! This ain’t my thing.

People say I’m creative- but this isn’t for me!


Stressed and tired!

I know what ya’ all are thinking – “But they’re so cute!”


I mean, even I want to backslide on my no more baking/cute themes but
I am seriously done!

I have gotten more site traffic from crafts but OH WELL.

I know for those of you not in the blogging world, you’re like who the hell cares.

Yes, I am a good baker and yes, I am creative BUT at what cost?

The girls want more mommy. They want me to cuddle, read, play…and they probably won’t miss the creative treats and crafts – maybe my readers will – maybe the girls will – but I don’t care anymore!

I finally have the courage to say – this sucks!

I just want to enjoy the rest of this summer! Hell, I want to enjoy the rest of my life home with the girls who won’t be little for long! And I probably won’t be home forever so…..good bye Susie homemaker!

Being this blogger, baker, crafter, and especially this summer, has made me feel like I have four jobs.

Taking care of the kids, being a pre school teacher, running a bakery, and a cleaning woman ( yes, I know that is already part of my job but all of the glitter, spilled beads and gems, glue, flour, frosting, batter, crumbs, etc….has multiplied my every day chores times ten!)

I quit. Good bye themes.

BUT Let me show you the pics from fancy week, they’re quite fancy.

Fancy cookies

Decorating everything…

And this….

Don’t even ask!!!!

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