Sometimes I want to scream


This has been the absolute longest day! I haven’t left the house in two days and home with my two year old and four year old girls… I want to be honest here…I started a blog two days ago with the intention of writing about fabulous things but I have been on edge since I started this grandiose and ridiculous idea…

I think I just need to come to grips with the fact that I am an anxious, ruminating, stir crazy momma who struggles with non stop snacking when I am loosing it!


One half hour ago I was shoving cookies in my mouth because I am stuffing feelings perhaps… oh I’ve read all the books about emotional eating and apparently I’m self medicating! Yes, friends I am eating cookies because I thought that I could fly through these days being creative, fun, and stimulating to my children’s minds BUT!!! I got to about noon today and my mood just plummeted- these days are long and I just feel empty except for the millions of snacks I consumed today! ugh –

Quick background on me – I am 37, former teacher among other various professions – I worked with my first daughter and stayed home when I had the second so I’ve been home about two years now and let me tell you – it is tough!

I love my girls and they are so beautiful but I get so bored at home. I do play dates, baking, crafts, dance, gymnastics, story time, mall trips, icecream trips- you know the drill stay at home moms! I try to keep busy but sometimes I just want to scream!

the boredom, the monotonous day to day , the impossible shopping trips, the tantrums, the food issues…I feel so trapped sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes I want to scream

  1. Becca B

    I understand! I’m the same way. I’m a grazer. I’ll eat for any reason, I dont know when to quit. I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to at least eat healthier if I’m going to graze.


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