Slowing Down

It’s the Monday after Christmas and I had absolutely nothing planned to do with the kids for today. This is uncomfortable for me.  I find myself staring out the window, then glancing over at the girls, thinking to myself ,”what on Earth are we going to do? How am I going to get through this day? How am I going to straighten up, clean, and play with them in a fun and meaningful way? Why did I throw out all of my organized cards… What was I thinking trying to be this go with the flow, creative Mom. I AM NOT CREATIVE!! I feel boring and depleted! Darn – how am I going to  write a really cool blog about being so new and changed and go with the flow.   I’m already at a loss on day two!

Somehow the day got moving and I suggested that we decorate bags – just plain shopping bags with stickers and crayons and such.


Typically I try and get chores done while the girls are occupied but I just sat down with them and it was fun. I actually relaxed and felt a little bit creative for thinking of this.  I am certainly not a pinterest, crafty diva- I’m just trying to enjoy this stay at home experience a little more. 

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