EASY Blueberry Birthday Cake

Super Easy Blueberry Cake

This was a the cake that I made for my daughters three year old birthday! She requested a blueberry cake!
How cute is she?

This is really easy to make! I used two boxes of cake mix and
followed the directions to make the cake. I poured the batter into two separate round cake tins and baked as directed. Once they were cooled I spread buttercream frosting in the center and blueberry pie filling.
Then I placed one cake on top of another. I frosted the entire cake with this
handy gadget that I bought at Walmart. Heres the link
It’s so easy to use that my 8 year old did a lot of the decorating!
Then I just decorated the cake with blueberries and made a three using the blueberries!

Simple, beautiful, and something different from the typical child’s birthday cake. Give it a try!

How to make kid’s odd behavior work for you

My girls are strange.  I am going to make it work for me…

1) Scared

“The kids are going to love these,” I thought to myself as I picked up a bag of smiley fries.  I am always looking for creative ways to present food and this was a no brainer.  I couldn’t wait to serve them up.

“We’re gonna get you!

“AHHHHH,” Ari screamed when she peeked through the glass oven door. Her eyes wide and rimmed with tears, she clung on to me with dear life. “Scared,” she whimpered…

I couldn’t help but laugh and then I realized I could seriously use this to my advantage.  I took a picture of the scary smiley’s, got it developed, and blew it into a life size poster.  Next time I need some privacy, I will simply tape up the smileys and go into my room of choice. Voila – nobody’s gonna get me in here…


Always comes in handy to sleep with tools

2) Love of tools

Perhaps we went to Home Depot a few too many times but Arianna is simply obsessed    with tools.  Everywhere I go, there are  screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, hex wrenches, and  nails…teddybear who?  She has even been sleeping with these comforting metal friends.

Strangest thing, right? The more I thought about this, I realized that this was quite a  money saving situation.  “Hey kids, want to get a treat!” We’re going to the hardware  store! Never mind toys, nails and washers are like 25 cents a piece.


Ever watch one of those cop shows or movie thrillers where one of the characters is a major psychopath.  His hideout has a wall completely filled with people’s eyes or something like that.



Imagine my horror when I picked up my cell phone, went to look for a picture, and ahh- hundreds of pictures of Ruby!


And, as if that wasn’t enough, hundreds more of this magnetic doll. My goodness, obsessive child I have!


Ok, let’s make this work for me, I thought to myself…clearly, the girls love taking pictures so next time we’re bored, we’ll take pictures of anything, our stuffed animals, other people’s mailboxes, odd holiday decor on neighboring houses…we can develop them and create photo albums.  You can find cheapy albums at the dollar store.  They can have their own collection of 100 pictures of “Mr. Bear, Stephanie, the unicorn, and whoever else.” Leave it off my phone!

4) The banana situation

For the past two weeks, Arianna has been asking for a banana- Gia eats one as often         as she can – she is part monkey, I swear, always climbing on the counters and eating         them.  I figured little sis was just following in her footsteps but it turns out, she just               enjoys peeling them and throwing the peel and the banana in the garbage!  I               thought it was just a one time thing until I noticed she was doing it every day.

photo 3

“Ari, why are you asking for bananas when you don’t like them?” I asked.

“I like phone,” she says…

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Ok – so the girl has a thing for peeling bananas, she just likes to peel…this is really going to come in handy for me- I see a future full of silver surprises –  “Come on Ari, put the toy doll down,” I have a treat for you.  Flash her an aluminum wrapped anything. I’ll just regift from my own house!

So happy to get this present.

“Oh, Mommy, present, present, for me?”


And the amazing present…



“Wow, this is awesome, a new ball,” she said excitedly…I literally just picked this up from the basket of toys in our family room.

Anyone else have any kid’s odd behavior to share?

Going on a bear hunt cake

We’re not afaid of these bears!

Playdate tomorrow.  What should I make? No chocolate chips in the house since last week I naively deemed them as unfit for our family…not chocolate chips per se, but sweets in general, calling Erin (my weekly playdate friend), last Friday, and telling her that last week’s cookies were the VERY LAST ONES EVER. And here we are an entire week later and boy has my tune changed.  I think God must flip a coin at night and heads, Jill is completely neurotic, frantically stopping off at all of her usual haunts, 7-11, CVS, gas station convenience stores (last Thursday, I was in one of these such stores purchasing some “last sweets ever.” You know what I bought – something very random, for me that is – a whoopee pie- do you even know what that is?

I had one once in my life and I actually stole it from a wedding reception- not a wedding I was invited to, just one that was taking place at the restaurant/banquet hall I was having dinner at.  We were leaving our dining area and I was very tipsy, and spotted this giant stack of them, they beckoned me to come and get one… or two…They were individually packaged with the couple’s name and date of ceremony and some stupid loved dovey quote- (I am clearly not a romantic, can you tell?)

The usual culprits are an everything bagel with olive cream cheese ( that combination is the absolute best thing on earth- the only problem is that I have a wheat intolerance and a bagel is like flour x 100 and my stomach looks like I am five months pregnant after I eat one….but they are just so so good) or my favorite ice cream sunday- cookie dough icecream, marshmallow sauce, and peanut butter cups…pure peanuty, heavenly pleasure, need I say more? Not to mention blondies, Cheez its, cookies with frosting, and anything with ranch dressing- oh calgon- take me away to a smorgasbord of all my favorite foods…and make it all calorie free.

Needless to say, I marched into the convenience store with Arianna who decided to take every lollypop off the stand, you know those big lollypops, with names like banana cream pie, that are displayed at almost every checkout counter, and looked and looked for my “last sweet ever” and decided on a Whoopie Pie…to be honest, it was the biggest baked item on the rack- I figured Ari and I could share it… I only bought one thing because I was going home to bake chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies for a playdate- you know, the last playdate ever with sweets….( I know what you’re thinking, this lady is completely screwed up!)

Like I said, I think that God flipped the coin to heads that day and it was out of her mind Jill.  On the days that I gratefully get a tails, I am much calmer and rational. I stay out of money sucking, junk food serving stores, and … I’m not really sure what I do, let’s see what G has to say, “G, what does mommy do when she is calm, not shopping, or being crazy?”

“You read,” says Gia.

Interesting, because when do I really have time to read? If I do get the rare moment to put my feet up and fire up the IPad, it’s like I am a magnetic force pulling the girls towards me, with their eyes wide like zombies chanting, “Mom, let me see; Mom, let me play; Mom, play music; and the latest and far most horrifying is Mom, let me have the IPad

This last request is that G wants to record me.  She has been sneaking around, recording videos of me, without me knowing….can we say embarrassing? I didn’t even know that she knew how to do this and I dropped her off at my brother’s for an hour while I took A to gymnastics and she played these videos of me, awful shots of me with hair up, roots showing, no makeup, side profile (which I hate- my chin is way shorter than my nose and it’s just not pretty!) Not to mention that I was looking completely perplexed and frazzled in these videos.  But then again, that’s the norm around here.

Today, however, I am no longer a culprit of the coin toss, I feel as if I have made major strides in the last week, first I wrote

Let it Go https://thegirlyreports.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/let-it-go/ and the other day I wrote a post about not making life so hard and having more fun and that’s what we are trying to do moving forward.

Damn, I get off subject so easily.  Today I decided to do a Going on a Bear Hunt theme.  For some reason, visions of teddy grahms were dancing in my head so voilà- we got out the Ipad, fired up the song and reenacted the words on a scene we made at the table.  I’m sure you have all heard of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” before.  There are many versions of this song out there and this is the one we like.  The singers’ voices crack us up!


Song number 46

We acted out the motions of Going on the Bear Hunt with this scene we created.

photo 2
The extent of my artistic ability

That would be grass that G’s fingers are pretending to walk through.

pic 1
What’s hiding underneath the cave?
gia scared
Ahhhhh, it’s a bear!

Then I made a cake, from scratch, and you know what – I’m too tired to post the recipe- I made the icing too, without powdered sugar – you want to make it too- find it yourself, but I’ll show you the cake again!