The boss



Yup, it’s true. 37 years old, and Mom still is the boss, well sort of, she doesn’t technically give me a paycheck but she does meet with me quarterly and give me performance reviews…”Yes, Jill, this quarter you need improvement in the housecleaning department- have you seen those cobwebs?”

JUST KIDDING- Don’t send the hate mail to her just yet!

We were talking on the phone this morning and I was mentioning to her that it does seem like we eat an awful lot of junk here, I make it seem like my children’s daily food pyramid is split between blueberry muffin, glazed donut, and chocolate frosted munchkins…mmm that does sound good doesn’t it… as I sit here and eat a greek yogurt…

Perhaps, I paint a picture of me and the girls sitting at the familiar orange and brown chairs almost every day.  Gee, now that I think about it Arianna has recently been asking for everything orange lately.  I thought she was just drawn to the cheery color but I think it’s Dunkin Donuts on her brain!  It may appear that we are at the donut store all of the time!  She agreed- Oh no! That’s all I needed to have me running to the computer to change the picture and the title! Grandma rules!

Upon reflecting on this I did sort of get a little carried away with the donut stories. It’s not like my goal is to create sugar crazed, attention deficit children who are fueled by grease and sprinkles…mmm, sprinkles- they have this new donut called birthday cake and it looked so….SNAP OUT OF IT! Focus – clearly I’m the one with the attention problem.

The thing is going to the donut store is actually a break for me…I get a coffee (another problem I need to work on).

And the kids have someplace warm to go, they are happy, I don’t have a mess to clean up, and they are contained to the confines of the store.  Gia bought her first item there, she gave the man two dollars, and the clerk put the change she was owed in the big tip cup.  Can you believe that? Taking advantage of children right in front of me…

You see, we have even learned about life at the donut shop.  That morning was educational in two ways, counting and making sure you get what you deserve!

But I do think it’s time to give it a rest. Surely, I can come up with other outings for us…

Riiing, Riiing. “Hi Grandma- were heeeere!” Ahh, my Mom’s house where a kid can be a kid- oh wait – that’s Chuck E. Cheese

It’s more like Grandma’s house- where a mommy can stop being a mommy and get a hug and be 13 again. And maybe raid the fridge, steal some leftovers, and wham- dinner is served!

Guilty as charged

Today was Arianna’s very first gymnastics class, and I had Gia with me, who is not in the class but sat on a bench like a good little girl the entire time, although she was itching to jump in the germ infested pit of colored plastic balls that the toddlers were in hog heaven rolling around in.

Pretty sure there is some contagious disease lurking on the yellow ball but I just smile and cringe as my daughter partakes in the funky (or some kind of funk) pit of fun.

Speaking of smiling, I have this sort of fake smile for 45 minutes straight as I stand around with moms I don’t know and who are clapping and smiling just like me (Wonder what’s really going on in their minds… “Ugh, I am so tired, what am I making for dinner? I really do not like that woman, Do I really have to sing this good bye song, I hope Jim does not want it tonight, there is noo way, I am bloated, drained, and exhausted).

At the end of class, we were gathering our coats and saying our goodbyes, and Gia asked if we could go to Dunkin Donuts, hard for a child to resist when we did park right in front of one and she is kind of used to going there.

Funny thing is when I was pregnant with Gia, I could not even go into a Dunkin Donuts without gagging from the smell. Perhaps I should get pregnant again to help me break this donut store addiction of ours. Future child would hold an important role in our lives- the baby that stopped munchkin madness!

Of course we were going, I already had that in mind when we parked our car near one and Gia was amazingly well behaved during the class, despite having to sit next to a boy,  a major sacrifice for her.  She is passionate about her disdain for members of the opposite sex!

Before I could even say anything, this woman next to me piped up and said, “Awww, I know right, such guilt, I mean I gave my daughter a rice krispie treat for breakfast, it’s something at least.”

Again, there’s that fake smile again, with a forced laugh I said, “Yea, I know what you mean.”

But, what I wanted to say was “LADY- Did I ask you for your opinion? Do I care what your daughter ate for breakfast, Do I look guilty or perplexed about the choice to take my kid to get a donut- do you have any idea that I write a @#$%ing blog and the main driving force behind it is our love of the donut shop?”

But I didn’t.  I put on the fake mom smile – oh wait, it was still frozen on my face like some happy muppet, and said “Well, she did do such a good job of sitting here and my kids already had eggs for breakfast so I’m sure its fine.”

Of course it’s fine, their my kids, it’s my choice, and I have no guilt whatsoever and the part about the eggs, I made that up!

But I’m pretty sure if I told her what I really thought, I would have major guilt, not glazed with a side of blueberry muffin guilt.

So we go to our second home and Gia didn’t even want one- she wanted a bagel and cream cheese. Take that Ms. Rice Krispie.