I tried with those chips

I’m one of those “All heart,” “Tries really hard,” and “She has great team spirit” sort of a person. You know the type from your childhood. The skinny boy who always showed up for practice smiling but never got a hit ( ok actually that was me, I was the tiny girl who played softball for 8 years and struck out every time.)

According to the coaches I was “Such a joy to have on the team.”

I doubt that. But I will say that I tried.

To this day, I don’t quite get things exactly right. I have tried the occasional Pinterest attempt, running to the grocery store with excitement, a clear vision, and then later frowning in dismay.

My friend Allison coined it the “mom fail,” after I showed her my porcupine cupcakes. I don’t even remember why I made them. Porcupines?

The thing I have learned is no one really cares about the presentation. It’s pleasing to the eye to look at beautiful cakes and creative creations online, but in real life, where you actually hang out with someone and use your lips to talk to them, not your fingers, your friends and family are happy to talk, connect, and have fun. They don’t expect Martha Stewart showing up to dinner.

I used to be an obsessive baker.

But then I realized I was losing my mind. It took many friends along the way to tell me it was ok to buy store-bought.

I still bake but I also buy! Last week I went to a friend’s house and bought stuff to make S’mores. Look at this cutey! Didn’t get any complaints from her!

So I got completely sidetracked but the point of this post is that I do believe it is important to be thoughtful and to do things for others.

Just do something with love and make someone’s day.

These are pictures of my thoughtful dip.



Copy this idea and write any sweet message on these paper chips and bring them round. I’m sure someone will love them! This bowl was for teachers as you can probably tell!

This is what I put in the dip if anyone was curious.

Bottom Layer – Refried Beans
Next Layer – Sour Cream
NextLayer – Avocado with lime juice and salt
NextLayer – Pico de Gallo
Top Layer – Cheddar Cheese


Gia makes Mexican Layer Dip

Miss Independent

“Oh geez,” I would think to myself when I saw yet another cute baby or toddler pictured with the hashtag #stopgrowing or #imissthemsolittle. I used to read these posts, shake my head, and think to myself, “Are you kidding me?” I can’t wait for her to grow up… whether it was Gia, Arianna, and now mostly Lexi.
Diapers, crying, spills, sticky fingers, and that constant trapped feeling… Ugh! Life with babies… I spent and sometimes still spend a lot of time wishing they would just grow up!

But recently my tune has changed. The saying “Be careful what you wish for,” definitely pertains to me these days.
YES! THIS IS LEXI WASHING HER POTTY…With the bathroom hand towel! I promise, I washed it!
She is most certainly in her miss Independent Stage and it’s driving me crazy! She wants to do everything by herself and I mean everything!

This girl is holding me up! I like to keep things moving at a nice, steady pace…click the safety belts on the car seat myself, cook and bake uninterrupted when I am pressed for time, and hang out in the kitchen without worrying that someone is going to climb the counters trying to get her own bowl or cup.
I really shouldn’t complain but… it’s just a wee bit frustrating!
Looks like my next instagram post is going to be #staylittleandjustletmemomon!

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I love you

“I love you,” Gia said to the random lady, and I don’t mean random in a bad way, she was really sweet! This was the lady who bought our piano from us. She was from Craig’s list, we never met her before, but Gia loves her.

Isn’t it funny how kids just “say the darnedest things…” Or perhaps she really does love this woman because she took away that loud piano that took her friends away…I can’t tell you the amount of times Gia was so excited to boss a friend around (she can be a bit direct) and then they would come over and run to the piano that we somehow got conned into buying from the previous owners of our house. They would bang away on the keys as Gia sulked, but never for long though. She would quickly recover and go scrounge for a snack, her favorite hobby.

Gia would ask repeatedly when a friend was coming over, and by repeatedly, I mean over and over, about every five minutes, from the time we woke up, until said person’s arrival…”Mom, when are they coming? Are they here yet? What time are they coming? What day is it today? What day are they coming? I’m hungry…just thought I would throw that in there because G is always hungry… Come to think of it, I think she must ask to have a snack 15 to 20 times a day… I’m going to start keeping track and will get back with this most important figure.

So back to her love for this woman, she took away her biggest competition, the piano that used to steal her friends away….and “Yes Gia, what’s up?”

“Mommy, can I please have another snack, I’m still hungry!”

I am not making this up…it’s constant.

Insert quick video here of my crazy kid. I hope this works…still learning the blogging ropes. Try clicking on this link and see if we see Gia…

Hungry Gia

Oh now, this is getting ridiculous because today she just told the man who delivered our new couches that she loved him…should I be worried?

Bad picture – too lazy to take another – Gia’s second random love delivered these fabulous leather couches today.

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