Putting blinders on

When I woke up this morning I has a sense of dread….I had to get the girls up and get older to preschool. Since we had been off for what has seemed like weeks we were all off schedule and the girls had been sleeping late..I thought about just keeping her home and staying in my lazy, avoid the world cocoon, but I didn’t . I rallied and with lots of “hurry up, stop dilly dallying” we got out the door. I went to the grocery store where little stuffed her face with munchkins while I quickly navigating the aisles only putting in “meal type of foods” ..
Trying to stick to meals and limit the snacks. The snacks being my shameful go to idea of what to do when we’re bored… Oh let’s have a snack! Shame on me …. These girls need attention from their, ahem… Role model… Wow! It’s really sinking in now that the older is 4… She looks at me, wants to be me, needs me, copies me, and I am her world.

HER WORLD!!!!! Ladies! This is a huge deal. And especially Moms of daughters… Body image, assertiveness, strength, confidence… You know – everything the books write about and we see destroyed as girls become adolescents… A lot of this rests in our hands!

Oh I just got on a tangent there… After the grocery store we went to Kohls and we got what we needed and I had a little time to kill so little and I were looking at picture books and I,just decided to put her down on the floor and read her books. Just put the blinders on and ignored anyone who would think this a bit odd , and had a nice little break.

I am going to do more things and not worry what the world thinks…. Starting the adventure of more living, less worrying.