Hi I all! Sorry for the confusion! I just meant last wordy post. Just going to do the thirty day challenge of Make it,Do it, Love it…30 days of positive things.
Like I will be crowding your inbox with quick updates, not too much writing!
Happy Monday:)


Hey all, I know that I just wrote a post about starting a 30 day challenge of being positive and I will continue this on my own but this is going to be my last post. I have so enjoyed all of your comments and feedback. Thank you all for reading my words.

The reason why I won’t be blogging anymore is because I need to spend my free time doing something more for me and my family. My kids don’t nap. No one is in school full time and won’t be for another two years. My husband works very late and the time I have been using to think and write about the posts is time I need for myself. So take care all and feel free to email me at or just give me a call!

Make it, Do it, Love it…and Get to it












You all know from reading my posts that I’m kind of an anxious gal! Being at home with two difficult children isn’t always fun. But, I can’t keep posting about the tiredness, tantrums, and troubles! Once in a while is ok, but if I keep it up, I’ll turn into a withered, sour lemon.



Unhappy about something!


Oh Noooooo! Um- “Ahhhhh, seriously not AGAIN!” Major mess! I will finish in a bit…            

Hour later…

I cannot believe this happened again! While I was writing this post, Arianna got into the nail polish. This messy situation had already happened six months ago. My friend Joy was over for a playdate and Arianna came downstairs covered in hot pink nail polish.  It turns out she painted her entire body and part of our cream colored rug.  That was a complete nightmare.  Had to run to CVS with the baby, illegally left her in the car- she was completely pink! Bought three huge bottles of nail polish remover, raced home, and went to work on the carpet.  It took me two hours to get most of the polish out.  I would pour the remover on the towel, then blot the polish on the carpet.  I remember my shoulders ached the next day.

This time she got into our bed and starting painting again with the polish- on her, our sheets, and bedspread!!!!


And I just wrote about laughing, but I am not laughing now. Ok – deep breath, and another…will figure that polish situation out.

What I started to say was I am going to do a 30 day challenge.

Make it, Do it, Love it…and “Get to it,” Gia heard me and added that one!

Do one thing each day that brings joy, a relaxed, or a positive feeling.  Write about the experience, and not the complaining!   



Previously I wrote that I was going to have a different blog for anxiety, but that in itself brings on the stress.  Hard to find the time to write on one blog, never mind two! So screw it, I’ll just write it here. Good luck to me!

How do you deal with stress/anxiety/feeling negative? Any tips to share?


Just love this picture – fun, PJ’s and baking