Day three- Make it, Love it, Do it – Positive thoughts

Day three of Make it, Love it, Do it – Positive thoughts is great!

The nonstop, pouring rain is not bringing us down! We had a fun morning in Rolling Rascals! Arianna was excited to go this morning and was a ball of energy!


Always love seeing other moms, even just looking at each other and smiling, don’t even need to say anything, you feel a connection that we are all in this together and feeling the same thing, whether it be exhaustion, confusion, or laughter, we have each other’s backs!

And this goes for “non class” friends too, especially Jessica, Erin, and Michelle, who have listened to me endlessly through the rough patches!
AND OF COURSE… My therapist from the sunny state and number one commenter, aka, Mommy in Florida! And a soon to be “non class” friend, Joy- really going to miss you!

The rest of the day was productive – finally returned the jar of sauce that has been rolling around in my car for weeks! Yup, I’m a certified obsessive returner! I return everything and we didn’t like this sauce.


The brand RAO’S is so delicious and 100% approved by my Italian husband who likes to make his own home-made sauce, but only the regular Marinara Sauce and the Vodka Sauce, not the mushroom, sausage one! The sauce isn’t cheap so I got my $8.23 back!

Got a present for a birthday party this weekend and of course had to get something for the girls. They are attracted to the strangest items!

Well, the puzzle isn’t odd but Gia put together this other puzzle we already have so fast, I wanted to get her something more challenging! Perfect for tomorrow, another rainy day- third in a row:( OH WAIT! I actually love rainy days-so calming!

Good eats
Made beer batter fish for dinner. It was a total winner all around, Gia gobbled up a huge piece! Tom says, ” delicious , crispy, way better than I can make!”


That’s it for tonight! I’m sure some of my readers are rolling their eyes at these lighthearted posts, missing the wine drinking, complaining gal… And I am just going to have to say oh well! A huge problem I have is people pleasing and worrying what others think so this is PROGRESS!

This is an old Jill worrier face!
p.s I still love wine!!! And the frowny Jill is just shoved the bottom of a hamper….for now

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