It’s a Good Day

“Well, I’d say it was a good day then,” text messaged Allison to me after I told her that a Kohls employee decided to take my expired Kohls cash.

Yes, my life is pretty mundane that I’m texting with my friends about Kohls cash…but the point of this post is her message to me…


I kept looking at her message and re reading the words to me (Forewarning you friends – I obsess and re read your messages over and over…kidding)

But then and there, feeling the kindness of a sweet employee who decided to give me a break, it was a good day.

Never mind the 23 other things that weren’t so perfect that week…all of a sudden it was a good day because I got to save ten dollars! Woo hoo! I need to start jumping up for joy from now on with the little wins in life!

It’s called the power of positive thinking, right!

It’s amazing how you can turn your whole mood around with the smallest things….

First day for Arianna picture

Mostly everyone saw this on FB, but a second view of these cuties won’t kill ya!
Yesterday, I picked my little one, Arianna, from her very first day of school and she had the biggest smile on her face…she said she had a great day, and that’s all I needed to hear. That smile took me through the night…( never mind that we asked her what she learned and she said “to sit down.” )

This admission of what she learned causing a slight pondering, thinking of the check we just payed to their school…oh and my older one said that she played in the park….yikes, I could do that with a bunch of kids, and it’s free…

Just joking – I have a lot of friends who read my blog and we send our tots to the same school…we love it there! But, it does make you think…

Kids are funny- they have such selective memories (kind of like men, well, most men, not those anal, obsessive, neat freak types that clean their houses while their wives get to relax…boy are those women lucky! I once met a woman who told me her husband had adult ADHD, and he couldn’t sit still so he would organize drawers, sweep the garage, alphabetize the spice rack, that sort of a thing – could you imagine! Can I rent one of those husbands once in a while?

One can dream right?

Back to the topic at hand – The point of this post was to relish the little things that go right in the day…some people are naturally more positive and optimistic, while some are more brooding and pessimistic – I tend to fall in the latter category, but I am ready to treasure my little wins!

In fact, I am currently writing this in absolute peace and quiet – while Gia is at school and Arianna is napping! Win! I should be cleaning or putting clothes away… But, the peace was too glorious to pass up…and I haven’t posted in a while…

IN FACT, my rank has plummeted on Top Mommy Blogs …. I’ve just been so darn busy with kids’s school and activities starting up…So might as well click!
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6 thoughts on “It’s a Good Day

  1. Your post cracked me up because my mother in law was just in town and the cashier allowed her as well to use her 10 dollar off coupon! Haha, love it! 🙂 Beautiful perspective though, finding the joy and peace in the little things.


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