It’s a Good Day

“Well, I’d say it was a good day then,” text messaged Allison to me after I told her that a Kohls employee decided to take my expired Kohls cash.

Yes, my life is pretty mundane that I’m texting with my friends about Kohls cash…but the point of this post is her message to me…


I kept looking at her message and re reading the words to me (Forewarning you friends – I obsess and re read your messages over and over…kidding)

But then and there, feeling the kindness of a sweet employee who decided to give me a break, it was a good day.

Never mind the 23 other things that weren’t so perfect that week…all of a sudden it was a good day because I got to save ten dollars! Woo hoo! I need to start jumping up for joy from now on with the little wins in life!

It’s called the power of positive thinking, right!

It’s amazing how you can turn your whole mood around with the smallest things….

First day for Arianna picture

Mostly everyone saw this on FB, but a second view of these cuties won’t kill ya!
Yesterday, I picked my little one, Arianna, from her very first day of school and she had the biggest smile on her face…she said she had a great day, and that’s all I needed to hear. That smile took me through the night…( never mind that we asked her what she learned and she said “to sit down.” )

This admission of what she learned causing a slight pondering, thinking of the check we just payed to their school…oh and my older one said that she played in the park….yikes, I could do that with a bunch of kids, and it’s free…

Just joking – I have a lot of friends who read my blog and we send our tots to the same school…we love it there! But, it does make you think…

Kids are funny- they have such selective memories (kind of like men, well, most men, not those anal, obsessive, neat freak types that clean their houses while their wives get to relax…boy are those women lucky! I once met a woman who told me her husband had adult ADHD, and he couldn’t sit still so he would organize drawers, sweep the garage, alphabetize the spice rack, that sort of a thing – could you imagine! Can I rent one of those husbands once in a while?

One can dream right?

Back to the topic at hand – The point of this post was to relish the little things that go right in the day…some people are naturally more positive and optimistic, while some are more brooding and pessimistic – I tend to fall in the latter category, but I am ready to treasure my little wins!

In fact, I am currently writing this in absolute peace and quiet – while Gia is at school and Arianna is napping! Win! I should be cleaning or putting clothes away… But, the peace was too glorious to pass up…and I haven’t posted in a while…

IN FACT, my rank has plummeted on Top Mommy Blogs …. I’ve just been so darn busy with kids’s school and activities starting up…So might as well click!
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Day Six of thirty day challenge …sharing positive thoughts

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week!

Thinking I am going to start lumping some days together! This is getting exhausting….sort of defeats the purpose of feeling positive and happy… This whole “gotta post, gotta write, ” I never said I was going to write everyday and here I am- doing it:) ugh!!! Jilly- take a break, read something for fun! Relax.

Those were words from my fairy godmother…but seriously, the point of this challenge was to find ways to reduce anxiety and find more joy.
So far, I am feeling happy and positive, reflecting on the day, and seeing all that we do, the strength I have as a mom- doing this all by myself, with NO HELP!!! I know I have the emotional support from my husband and family but seriously, I do this all day, alone, and here’s to the other mommas out there who are strong, energetic, interesting, and relentless in making their darlings happy…and are fearless mommies!

I know, off on a tangent there, but a few faces come to mind and this momma thing is not easy. It very well could be easy, if you simply do the bare minimum, but I have met the most amazing women in the past year who just inspire me to be a better Mom and to just keep saying “yes” to new experiences. These women are positive influences in my life and they don’t even know it!

Oh gee, I did not mean to get so off topic there but the more I think about my daily experiences, I think about all of the moms I see, who are… Powerhouses of energy in doing things for their children, and that in itself is joy.

OK, back to reality and Jill – so the thing is I am feeling happy and joyful – yay!!! But, still anxious…. Boo:(

This is me….

So…. This up and coming week need to figure out some anxiety relief….
This is my biggest struggle! People pleasing, worrier, perfectionist – damn! All the fun stuff – let ‘s see what we can come up with!!!


Felt so great after a morning walk! I used to be a runner… Like a five miler almost every day. I haven’t run in soooo long, I can’t believe I’m the same person sometimes… Just the fact that I got up and forced myself to take a walk is amazing, and it felt awesome!


Then I called Tom and told him to meet me at the park with the kids and he brought me coffee- yay!


We went to such a fun birthday party!!! In fact, had so much fun, I forgot to take a picture, well, it was either that or the wine!!!
Snapped a quick shot of Arianna on the way home, covered in goodies- had to do this party solo since Tom had to go away…. Not used to being at party alone, without my partner… I have to be on full alert and I am definitely the driver…boo:( BUT, I am home now and making up for it! Thank you T for replenishing the supplies!!!!




Oh I forgot here’s Ari in the car!

She is covered in chocolate – Tiffany- did we really need your entire container of m&ms ?!! And loving the popcorn favors!

Isn’t that hysterical!!!!

That’s it for the night!

Day four – Make it, Do it, Love it

Busy day! Good busy! Spent the morning baking these awesome cookies – Snickerdoodle Surprise! I don’t think that is the official name but that’s what we’re calling them. My brother in law’s girlfriend, Courtney, told me about them and we love them! Always pays to ask someone what they’re baking these days!
The cookies are Snickerdoodles, stuffed with a marble size ball of Cookie Butter!


Obsessed with Cookie Butter

Those who have seen me in the last week know all about Cookie Butter- really goes to show you the power of word of mouth…I am sure at least eight people will be buying this at Trader Joes soon! Yum. Arianna is loving this on her pancakes, which I totally forgot to mention that Tom made these tasty ricotta cheese pancakes, from SCRATCH, of course! and people, just so you know – BISQUICK is not from scratch pancakes! Just because your mixing, doesn’t mean home made!

This is what cookie butter looks like and its close counterpart, Biscoff Spread- picture, care of Courtney!


After I picked Gia up from school, we had two of her friends over! So fun with all of the laughter and playing in the house! Grilled cheese and grapes- felt like such a Brady Bunch moment!


Took Gia to gymnastics and brought her teacher some of the magical cookies! She was thrilled and said it was such a great surprise and was just what she needed today. Ahhh, behold the magical power of cookies, sure to cheer up any mood, just say the word aloud – COOKIE, sounds so sweet and innocent, a simple COOKIE, melts all your troubles away…bringing you back to childhood, mommy’s kitchen, homework at the table, simple joy.

And screeeeeech, stop the fantasy! Many of us were coming home to an empty house, rummaging around in drawers looking for leftover fortune cookies, but hey, at least it was a cookie, right?

Fun playing in the park for a bit after gymnastics, we met more friends ! That makes two new numbers I scored in my phone today for future play dates! I am so damn cute and fun- people just love me…..oh, wait, it was the kids that we’re playing, I’m just their kangaroo … Let’s just say I have a high jump and a big pouch …. Meaning I bring the kids everywhere and have lots of room for making new friends!

Ok, I totally apologize, sometimes I am so odd. Do you know that people used to ask me if I was high years ago and I didn’t even know what that meant! I can be a bit of a space cadet, OH WELL!!! It seems to have gotten me this far!

More on the self control front

Let me tell you about the mouth watering smells in my house today…cinnamon, sugary goodness, buttery grilled cheese…mmm…

Food confessions…

I ate a half of a Reese’s Pieces Brownie (leftover from a batch I made for a friend’s birthday celebration – it was amazing! Two mini peanut butter cups from the half pack that was still in my pantry!
One savory Snickerdoodle surprise cookie, oh that sweet goodness in my mouth! The usual Jill would keep on goin…I mean look at what else I have lurking in my closet. But I stayed strong, a few more not so fab nibbles tonight, couple bites of the kid’s sweet potato fries, a few bites of their leftover grilled cheese, but no major food frenzy!!! Hurray for Jill!


I am a sucker for the Walgreens, dollar deal, just can’t say no to those poor salesclerks. “Will that be all for today? Did you find everything you need today? Do you want to buy the dollar deal of the day?”

OK! OK! I’ll take three!