Day two – Thirty day challenge Make it, Do it, Love it- Positive thoughts

It definitely was a long day. Arianna was back to meltdowns and strange behavior like calling from upstairs saying she

couldn’t walk

and screaming for me while hysterical crying…the morning music class was not fun! She refused to

shake her eggs,

roll the plastic balls,

, and then had a terrible tantrum when she didn’t want to put the balls back. The teacher tried to appease her by bringing out the instruments and handed her the drums, her favorite choice every week, and by every week, I mean if she doesn’t get the drums, all hell breaks loose!

After she sort of calmed down, it was time to put the instruments away and she didn’t get to push the container back and she freaked out! It was only 11am and I was weary!


It was very exciting today at Walgreens! The salesclerk gave us balloons and lollipops! Awesome! This really helped me get through the aisles without the grabbies!


Just wanted to share that I only ate half of the bag of mini peanut butter cups! Yay me! And to tell you that I have a problem with self control would be a major understatement! Even after the torturous outbursts all day, I did not say “the hell with it” and raid the pantry like someone who has smoked some serious stuff ( I, uh….have just seen that sort of thing on T.V… Wouldn’t know a thing about that! )
I didn’t want to throw all my positive energy down the tubes on day two!



Ending the night feeling strong and in control!

Day One of Thirty day challenge – Make it, Do it, Love it- Positive thoughts

Awesome weather today! Just beautiful out! Hours at the park enjoying the nice weather and Arianna went down the “scary slide” for the first time!


(I am using my I pad to write this so not sure if these pictures are going to work! )




OK – next we went for milkshakes! So fun and refreshing!



Finally focused enough to order Scholastic books for Gia! This entire school year, I kept missing the deadline or just never had the patience to figure out the online ordering! I feel like such a better Mom!

The icing on the cake of this day is I was able to get Arianna to bed by 8:45. I know for some of you readers, this is shocking but she has been up till 11 for weeks!
Good night! Game of Thrones tonight!