Child safety and personalized belongings

By Brenda

Last week there was a human interest story in the newspaper featuring a mom who packs her children’s lunch and believes that parents should “take time to educate their kids on nutrition and pack healthy, appealing lunches daily.”

The article sited all the wonderful things the mom does to teach her elementary school children healthy eating habits. She mentioned how little it costs to pack a healthy lunch (a quarter lb. of cut up home-grilled chicken breast 47cents a half cup, five carrot sticks 16 cents, a cheese stick 33 cents, banana 43 cents and so on).

She’s clearly an awesome involved parent, is Vice President of her child’s Parent Teacher Organization, and classroom volunteer. Further down in the article, a picture was shown of their beautiful custom-designed lunch boxes and matching backpacks… and I cringed!

“AAHH what was she thinking?! ” Her children’s names were beautifully embroidered across the tops of the oh-so cute matching backpacks. Obviously, she doesn’t know that her children’s names are a powerful tool for child predators!

Please, for the safety of your children do not personalize any of their belongings on the outside ( any stranger can see their name and call the child by first name, thus confusing a child into believing someone knows them.)

Unfortunately, this includes getting rid of those cute license plates with their names on it for their bicycles. So, yes, let’s teach our precious kiddos the importance of keeping their bodies healthy on the inside but remember to do all you can to help keep them safe on the outside too!

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3 thoughts on “Child safety and personalized belongings

  1. Sorry, I’m stuck on the lunches she makes. Frugal yes. Healthy, sure. I think my kids grabbed some leftover pasta from last night and a juice box on their way out the door. And backpacks with names on them? How do those get handed down?

    Nope. Everyone around here is “hey you,” which cuts down on my having to think. I never thought about how it also keeps them safe(r) from predators. But we’ll keep that between us and pretend like I planned it all along.


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