Day five- Make it, Do it, Love it

Seems like a whirlwind of a day! Make up dance class and last class for Gia’s friend, Kailey, who is currently on the road to their new life in Indiana! Really going to miss them!


For a good bye party, one mom, Dana made these luscious Ladybug cupcakes! So incredible!


The picture doesn’t do these cute cupcakes justice! It was really dark and not a great picture.

Awesome news!

SHE IS GOING TO BE JOINING ME ON THE GIRLY REPORTS SOON! I am beyond excited as she is amazingly talented and will inspire all of us to get in touch with our creative side…

Then, Kailey’s mom took Gia to lunch and a few other stops while Arianna and I made four stops in an hour! I felt like a momma on five shots of espresso, trying to pack as much as possible into the little time I had with just one child! Delivered cookies to a friend, stopped into Michaels for some crafting supplies, Harmon’s, and got gas (ok so that doesn’t really count as a store!)

Gia was dropped off and then we drove back to Gia’s old school to meet up with her best friend Giana and sign her up for a few weeks of camp!

We saw her old teachers! So funny because they saw Arianna and thought it was Gia! So great seeing one of my favorite friends, Jessica, and just enjoying the beautiful weather at the playground !


Two of the girls enjoying snacks… The others were swinging and sliding

And I almost bailed on her…

Anxiety release

My house is a total mess, so much laundry to do…It. Never.ends! Neither does the clutter! I truly need a house cleaner!

And…I have a zillion things to organize and get… It seems that way these days! Sure is hard not having ANY help!

I know I don’t technically work, but I always feel stressed!

So, the point is, I was hemming and hawing about meeting up and then I just got in the car. Fast forward to later in the day – so worth it! Nothing is that important that you can’t take your kids to the playground and meet up with a friend for an hour or two…Moms need mom friends!!!! It is so important! Love my friends and that is my happy thought of the night! Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Day three- Make it, Love it, Do it – Positive thoughts

Day three of Make it, Love it, Do it – Positive thoughts is great!

The nonstop, pouring rain is not bringing us down! We had a fun morning in Rolling Rascals! Arianna was excited to go this morning and was a ball of energy!


Always love seeing other moms, even just looking at each other and smiling, don’t even need to say anything, you feel a connection that we are all in this together and feeling the same thing, whether it be exhaustion, confusion, or laughter, we have each other’s backs!

And this goes for “non class” friends too, especially Jessica, Erin, and Michelle, who have listened to me endlessly through the rough patches!
AND OF COURSE… My therapist from the sunny state and number one commenter, aka, Mommy in Florida! And a soon to be “non class” friend, Joy- really going to miss you!

The rest of the day was productive – finally returned the jar of sauce that has been rolling around in my car for weeks! Yup, I’m a certified obsessive returner! I return everything and we didn’t like this sauce.


The brand RAO’S is so delicious and 100% approved by my Italian husband who likes to make his own home-made sauce, but only the regular Marinara Sauce and the Vodka Sauce, not the mushroom, sausage one! The sauce isn’t cheap so I got my $8.23 back!

Got a present for a birthday party this weekend and of course had to get something for the girls. They are attracted to the strangest items!

Well, the puzzle isn’t odd but Gia put together this other puzzle we already have so fast, I wanted to get her something more challenging! Perfect for tomorrow, another rainy day- third in a row:( OH WAIT! I actually love rainy days-so calming!

Good eats
Made beer batter fish for dinner. It was a total winner all around, Gia gobbled up a huge piece! Tom says, ” delicious , crispy, way better than I can make!”


That’s it for tonight! I’m sure some of my readers are rolling their eyes at these lighthearted posts, missing the wine drinking, complaining gal… And I am just going to have to say oh well! A huge problem I have is people pleasing and worrying what others think so this is PROGRESS!

This is an old Jill worrier face!
p.s I still love wine!!! And the frowny Jill is just shoved the bottom of a hamper….for now

All or nothing parenting

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I was thinking of stopping all together.  I’ve been struggling with the girl’s behavior, struggling with getting Arianna to sleep. It has been a nightmare- I don’t know what is going on with her lately. I lay with her for an hour, we read stories, tell stories, and when it’s time for bed, she screams and has the most horrific tantrums.

She wants the light on now, the big light, not the nightlight.  Last night, she was angry that I switched the big light off.  I went downstairs, closed the door and tried to ignore the screaming and kicking on the door.  Then I heard a crash.  She threw the nightlight and the glass bulb shattered all about.  The tantrums have been getting worse and worse lately and my oldest is getting sassier and more and more defiant.

I am home alone for most of the day, have a husband who works late, and lately this blog is one more headache.  So I was just going to stop.  I don’t have much too write about, how many times do my readers want to hear about the girls’ temper tantrums and trips to Target.   

Yesterday, I was almost out the door at CVS without a bruise, and then Ari spotted these rubber ducks that she wanted at the counter…

The store checkout is the most stressful place for me, it’s all smiles and fun,  walking through the store… and then we arrive at the counter…I hold my breath, feel my shoulders tense up.  ‘Can we just pay? Can we just pay? Hurry up slow salesclerk!’ I think to myself.

Too late – the shiny wrappers of every kind of treat imaginable beckon my girls to touch and beg for treats…yesterday it was ducks- after calmly trying to rationalize with Ari to put the ducks back, we had a meltdown on the floor, and I had to pick up a thrashing Arianna, my bags, and get out of there, and then for some reason, Gia refused to walk out the door of CVS.

No idea why and I still don’t know. I left her there.  This random lady walked her to my car (How embarrassing!) Also super fun trying to get them back in the car and buckled.  I had to use my entire body to force crazy Ari into her car seat and try to buckle her.

I finally got them in, breathed a sigh of relief, and realized a man was patiently watching and waiting for me so he could get into his car.  He’s like, “it’s ok, I have three boys at home,” but that didn’t make it any better.

The girls are a handful and a half, so I concluded that I simply have no time to write and I’ll just keep my life to myself. But, in the past week, a few people said to me, I miss the posts, and I liked reading because I don’t feel so alone, and today, my friend brought me a cantaloupe for our playdate! She read the post about me trying to get better about the sweets- that meant so much to me.    

I kept wondering, what is the real reason I want to stop?  Perhaps I had been writing too much, thinking too much about this blog, reading other mom blogs and not giving my girls the attention that they need. That, and the fact that I am burned out and drop dead exhausted after battling to get them to bed.

I know in my heart that the bed thing is just another stage and “this too shall pass.” So what was the problem?  I was just being Jill- typical Jill, all or nothing Jill, I’ve always been this way, as long as I can remember, if I didn’t get 100 on a test, I was pissed. If I couldn’t figure out a math problem, I remember stressing for hours in my bedroom instead of just closing the book and asking the teacher the next day. Those are like the smallest examples of my all or nothing-ness. I could write a novel about my crazy head.

I am obsessive and I was going to do it again with parenting.  I was going to shut down the blog and give the girls all my attention, and be “better” and only focus on them.  As much as that sounds like a good mom thing to do, I realized today that a mom needs more than just their children.  A friend came over this morning, my house was a disaster, I hadn’t brushed my teeth, Arianna just peed on the potty so she was naked, I had no make-up on, and hadn’t even brushed my hair (did take a shower though!) I had nothing baked and the bathroom was probably dirty….my friend and her girls came in. The girls played, and I talked and talked to an adult. It was great.  It made me realize that being “a better mom” and only focusing on the kids is not a good solution.  That was just all or nothing parenting.

That’s it for now, I have much more to write on this all or nothing disease later and the amazing power of friends.