I shouldn’t complain about this but…relaxation is hard!

I have to admit that I am feeling a little anxious…like pacing the floors, twiddling my thumbs, I even mopped the floor today! ugh… And if anyone remembers an old post about mopping, I HATE mopping- worst chore ever! Isn’t the word chore funny! Reminds me of farmer Jill saying “Do your chores kids…”


Last week was crazy busy… Gia had so many activities, her final show day for gymnastics.


Hawaii Day at school –

Plus I baked oatmeal cookie sandwiches, and chocolate chip Heath Bar blondies! Yum!

Why is it that I pick the weeks that I have to watch the sweets to torture myself with the mouth watering smells of chocolate and butter wafting through my kitchen….my twenty year high school reunion was this past Saturday – but then again, we women have a few tricks up our sleeves to hide those flaws… Unfortunately, the beach is only months away, and yikes! This body Is NOT READY! I seriously need to put the whisk down and stop baking… But I am addicted… I love the baking aisle! I find comfort in bags of chocolate chips, sacks of brown sugar, and flour.

Plus my scrumptious sweets make everyone happy! Well, maybe not everyone – I’m sure they’re those that roll their eyes when they see me coming – oh great, here comes Jill with her fucking cookies! Namely, my husband who would much rather a gourmet meal, but that ain’t gonna happen! Ok, it might…but that’s for the next chapter in life – crazy mom baker falls in love with Cornish Game Hens with rosemary and garlic and Filet Mignon with a Balsamic Reduction …. Mmm, that actually sounds exciting, but scares me…

And what was I even starting this post about… Oh right, anxious, you see, the hectic week has passed, my reunion was last night and it was so much fun, my amazingly helpful in laws were here helping out while I got pampered- nails, pedicure ( the leg massage felt so good that I actually started to cry…does that ever happen to you stressed out women? Like when you finally get to relax or do something for yourself, you just want to let it all out and cry and hug the Korean man or woman – although, they would probably not be too keen on that…

My mom in law finished up and folded all of my laundry! It was so fabulous, not to mention that this was the second weekend in a row they were here… Pure heaven. I got to go out and feel beautiful for two Saturdays in a row!

The strangest thing is going on today, I feel out of sorts… Without purpose – relaxation and I are not friends… Having craziness calm down, feeling kind of empty, and not stressed makes me want to… Scream, eat, worry about the fact that I don’t have any interesting hobbies, feel bored, want to get a job —- hahaha, not really! But, the point is that as a mom, I often feel on auto pilot, catering to their needs, calming their fights, wiping their butts and as much as I dream of a break, once I get it, I don’t know what to do with myself!

6 thoughts on “I shouldn’t complain about this but…relaxation is hard!

  1. Michelle L

    You’re not alone girl. I have never known how to relax. Before or after kids, it’s never been my friend. I’m trying to get better but usually have to at a spa or fully away from distractions for that to happen. So when are we going for a massage to be friends with relaxation?!?


  2. I totally know how you feel about not being able to relax (remember my story about the other day?). You have an awesome mother-in-law! And you looked great in the pictures you took this weekend! Glad you got to have “me” time 🙂


  3. Sasha

    Haha, I am the exact same! I like to complain about the busyness of life but when it all comes down to it I actually love it! Yes, I would love a few hours break, but an entire day with nothing to do would drive me insane! 🙂


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