Now We Have to Make Signs?

I was worried, nervous, excited, and happy that my firstborn was starting her first day of kindergarten! We laid out her outfit, packed her lunch, and I must have read the school checklist of what she needed over and over, making sure we had every last requirement and school supply tucked away in her backpack, ready for a fantastic first day of school.
I tossed and turned and imagined the worst…we all slept in causing lateness, Gia woke up vomiting, she wouldn’t like her teacher, or the other girls were sick…It was a classic case of the day before school jitters…
But unbeknownst to me, when I was stressing about the first day, was this whole sign situation…seems the biggest crime I committed was not having one of those creative first day of school signs! Upon clicking on Facebook I was swarmed by post after post of adorable, smiling students posing creatively with posters like “Mary’s First Day of Kindergarten – Favorite Food, Favorite Activities, and other cutesy categories…


Whaaat! All my planning, organizing, and cheerleading for this day and I totally felt like I failed! It seemed like everyone I knew had a sign! Well, at least in the Facebook world- Why hadn’t I known about this?

This brought back memories of my first few weeks of college where all I sported was matching sweatpants and sweatshirts because from what I had heard college was all about comfort, sweatpants, and pizza, and then all the girls were decked out in dresses and skirts and I looked like the biggest geek!

I had one matching sweatsuit that was dark gray and my friend and I joked that I was a giant oil spill….thank goodness those clueless days are over! Or so I thought!

Oh well, my gorgeous Gia had an awesome first day! We made it on time, she had all of her supplies, and she rocked kindergarten – What more could a mom ask for?


Sidenote: I really wasn’t that upset about the sign situation! It was just a little thing but I thought it would be a good topic to jumpstart my blog writing again which has been so sadly neglected! Here’s to hoping I can write a few more posts this year!

Life is super busy with three girls!


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