Miss Independent

“Oh geez,” I would think to myself when I saw yet another cute baby or toddler pictured with the hashtag #stopgrowing or #imissthemsolittle. I used to read these posts, shake my head, and think to myself, “Are you kidding me?” I can’t wait for her to grow up… whether it was Gia, Arianna, and now mostly Lexi.
Diapers, crying, spills, sticky fingers, and that constant trapped feeling… Ugh! Life with babies… I spent and sometimes still spend a lot of time wishing they would just grow up!

But recently my tune has changed. The saying “Be careful what you wish for,” definitely pertains to me these days.
YES! THIS IS LEXI WASHING HER POTTY…With the bathroom hand towel! I promise, I washed it!
She is most certainly in her miss Independent Stage and it’s driving me crazy! She wants to do everything by herself and I mean everything!

This girl is holding me up! I like to keep things moving at a nice, steady pace…click the safety belts on the car seat myself, cook and bake uninterrupted when I am pressed for time, and hang out in the kitchen without worrying that someone is going to climb the counters trying to get her own bowl or cup.
I really shouldn’t complain but… it’s just a wee bit frustrating!
Looks like my next instagram post is going to be #staylittleandjustletmemomon!

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Now We Have to Make Signs?

I was worried, nervous, excited, and happy that my firstborn was starting her first day of kindergarten! We laid out her outfit, packed her lunch, and I must have read the school checklist of what she needed over and over, making sure we had every last requirement and school supply tucked away in her backpack, ready for a fantastic first day of school.
I tossed and turned and imagined the worst…we all slept in causing lateness, Gia woke up vomiting, she wouldn’t like her teacher, or the other girls were sick…It was a classic case of the day before school jitters…
But unbeknownst to me, when I was stressing about the first day, was this whole sign situation…seems the biggest crime I committed was not having one of those creative first day of school signs! Upon clicking on Facebook I was swarmed by post after post of adorable, smiling students posing creatively with posters like “Mary’s First Day of Kindergarten – Favorite Food, Favorite Activities, and other cutesy categories…


Whaaat! All my planning, organizing, and cheerleading for this day and I totally felt like I failed! It seemed like everyone I knew had a sign! Well, at least in the Facebook world- Why hadn’t I known about this?

This brought back memories of my first few weeks of college where all I sported was matching sweatpants and sweatshirts because from what I had heard college was all about comfort, sweatpants, and pizza, and then all the girls were decked out in dresses and skirts and I looked like the biggest geek!

I had one matching sweatsuit that was dark gray and my friend and I joked that I was a giant oil spill….thank goodness those clueless days are over! Or so I thought!

Oh well, my gorgeous Gia had an awesome first day! We made it on time, she had all of her supplies, and she rocked kindergarten – What more could a mom ask for?


Sidenote: I really wasn’t that upset about the sign situation! It was just a little thing but I thought it would be a good topic to jumpstart my blog writing again which has been so sadly neglected! Here’s to hoping I can write a few more posts this year!

Life is super busy with three girls!


Oh Just Keep it The Girly Reports

Calling all crazies… Auditions for neurotic mommies are starting now. I can hear the director announcing and I am first in line for the part.


I have decided to keep my former blog name. The Girly Reports – even if I end up having a baby boy in May (I didn’t find out the sex).

Yes it’s true. I am someone who changes her mind a lot. I recently started listening to an audio book about being happy, Happier, Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy by Tal Ben – Shahar. It was really cheap on an iTunes audiobooks deal day so I downloaded it.
In one chapter, the author says a sure fire way of making a needed change in your life (something that is making you unhappy) is by instilling rituals and habits, gradually, until they are a part of your life.

It made me realize that I can’t just change the name of my blog, snap my fingers, wake up, and be different…I have done this sort of a thing in the past…Monday’s a new day, New Year’s Eve resolutions (haven’t we all?) or any type of “never doing this again” decision – I think a majority of people, including myself don’t follow through with plans to change unless there is an actual plan in place.

So it’s back to the old The Girly Reports. (Everyone liked the name better anyway…)I am still trying to cut back on the baking, projects, and trying to please everyone but a name change ain’t gonna cut it! Neither is writing about it…if I actually listed what I have baked/spent in the past three weeks, my husband would be kind of mad – oh wait- he already is! He saw the dining room table and it was no longer recognizable… a sea of pink and purple, stickers, goody bags, chocolates, frostings, cookies, flags, trinkets and my stressed out face…He didn’t even need to say anything, he knows that I know that I’m in trouble…


“Hello, my name is Jill and I am an over-doer, over thinker, addict.”

I don’t know where this comes from, I just always seem to over do things…

I have this fear that I won’t satisfy everyone and it’s like a failure to me…I mean Gia just told me that one of the boys in her class never eats any of the treats I send in…
The horror ! I never knew this – should I contact his mother tonight and find out why he isn’t eating my cookies? I mean, what could he possibly like? I have made cupcakes, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, marshmallow surprise, not too mention various chocolates – what the hell does he like!!! I am racking my brain for ideas!

Ok, ok, I’m just kidding – I’m not that pyscho…but writing that silly scenario just made me realize something – I better stop trying so hard because I am just one mini mama…not a bakery!

I am presently taking the first step by writing this, putting my feet up (my mom – in – law is always telling me to do this, but I never listen), and relaxing for a bit. After all, I did just finish nine loads of laundry, and I am exhausted – 26 weeks along and I am so so tired.


I am underneath this awesome furry throw from Pottery Barn that is so warm and comforting, I wish I could stay under neath for days…my Mom sent this to me a few days ago and it was the best surprise I’ve had in a while!

Notice the mismatched socks!

Maybe next time I venture out to buy sugar and flour, I should just hide under my throw!