I’m not Martha Stewart

“Gia, will you get off of the counter!”
“Uh, what do you want now?”
“Can you just wait please!”

It was six P.M. on a Monday and I thought I could whip up a quick pink colored popcorn all the while trying to make flounder florentine, sun dried tomato risotto, and broccoli…yes, it’s true – domestic diva here – I kind of rock, my husband gets meals like this every night, well most nights, a few nights…Ok maybe just once in a while – gotta keep him on his toes!

I was gone all day, but I just had to do this – because that’s what I had planned, for my ice cream theme week – I was doing fruit faux ice cream cones as well as colored popcorn cones…

All on a Monday…because that’s what the plan was…

I was following a google recipe – trying to get the pink ones done, and get dinner ready, all the while juggling the girls climbing on the counters – helping out and wanting to eat the popcorn, trying to cook. I was kind of getting stressed …I trusted a recipe I saw on Google, and it flopped – it didn’t work…the popcorn was all soggy and virtually disappeared, I wish I could call this person and ask her why her recipe was wrong…and I definitely contemplated trying another one…but it was ten at night and I was exhausted but I actually was going to do it!

But then I decided I was tired – I came to my senses…because what the hell am I doing? I am not Martha Stewart! I don’t even make any money with this blog! The only thing I’m trying to do is make it to the top 25 on Top Mommy Blogs and my own husband doesn’t even remember to click the banner!

I sometimes wonder what I am doing with this blog and even my life…I’m constantly thinking I need to work on myself. But you know what, I’m tired.

I did my growing. I filled a lifetime of journals. I think I’m done.

I think that also goes for talking…or people who are always talking or thinking about what they’re going to do but NEVER DO IT!

Sorry – off on a tangent there…did I mention it’s 2 AM – can’t sleep!

I guess it takes a bout of insomnia to get me thinking – enough of corny projects like this…


I’ll just stick to the cooky crafts.



I’ll just stick to being me. I’m busy enough, running marathons (figuratively), like this week, camp, the lake, cooking, play dates, ice cream theme crafts, play date treats, birthday party for a friend prep – oh my…the only thing I need to do is fit in some down time!

Down time – no blogging, no thinking about kids, no reading other blogs and comparing, no celebrity stalking (wishing I had those boobs or that booty…)


Ahhh, nothing better than coffee and a magazine!

So the pink popcorn didn’t work out but here’s a pic of our cute fruit ice-cream cones! Stay tuned for more of the exciting ice cream theme. Oh and I finally figured out how to do the popcorn!






Now Gia wants this every night!

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Themes and Mommy Growth- Jewelry Week

When I was in college, my Mom sent me this mouse pad (remember those?) and it had a motivational message on it. It said, “Do something.”

Yup, this simple task of simply doing something was a struggle for me (perhaps undiagnosed ADD?) I had all of this stuff in my head but couldn’t get going, continue going, that sort of a thing. This was particularly an issue in college, I couldn’t study well, write papers, or complete projects without major procrastination, and extreme debilitating anxiety. I remember wasting weeks writing index cards to study for an Anatomy exam… but then I didn’t really study the cards. I ended up failing that class and had to retake it…

This kind of a thing made the academic part of college and my work life difficult and very stressful. Extra thinking always plagues me… Researching, talking, wondering, a little progress, but mostly staying in a world of confusion, never feeling like I make a complete, satisfactory decision or complete a project with gusto is a frustrating part of my life.
And now your wondering, what does this have to do with anything? I decided to create weekly themes with the girls (for the summer) while working on some of my own problem areas…

This week was JEWELRY WEEK and my problem area that I worked on was too much thinking.

The following is the picture montage of the creative week.





Macaroni necklace and bracelets





POPCORN and gummy bear necklaces


Now we eat the fruit with yogurt- yum!

Candy necklaces – maybe not the best idea! BUT SO PRETTY!

Look at all of the candy! I think I have a problem with excess!


Making bead necklaces with friends!!! So much fun!

As for me, I took steps to just do it, buy some supplies and get working with the girls – not worrying about Ari having an accident in Michaels, perseverating on other messes in the house, getting distracted, etc…the usual thinking fluff that clogs my brain – the rust and gunk in the pipes preventing the flow of “Jilly water.” Yup, I decided to coin the flow of ideas in my head as Jilly water.

Here’s a picture of my chart. On top is an artistic masterpiece of a necklace. I colored in a “jewelry bead” at the end of the day and wrote a little note to myself. Mission accomplished – the question mark is for next week’s personal growth.


Who needs’s a self help book when you have this fab chart?

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