“You can’t have it all”

Do you ever find yourself doing/saying things exactly like your parents? The tone of your voice… The things your mom did – putting soap in my little ones mouth – OMG did I really just do that to my child?

I think we all have slipped into our parents from time to time…but how about when we do things that you know they would disapprove of – it’s like you can just see their face looming over you like the great OZ…

Like tonight, when I was in the middle of a flurry of chaos as usual, making dinner for the girls, then the hubs – breakfast bar was tonight’s theme – WHAT THE HELL? Why is everything a theme with me lately- what is the point of themes? All I know is they are starting to cramp my style – I have pushed out any ounce of “me time,” with the exception of watching a terrible movie with Tom last night (The Internship – what a terrible/silly movie!)

On the subject of me time, that will be my top, second, um, maybe fourth priority, oh heck – I just need to fit it in there sometime… I JUST GET SO CARRIED AWAY with ideas…I mean Pinterest is enough to make my head spin, the swirling of ideas, paints, fluffies to glue, beads to string, butterflies to construct, treats to concoct…

Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock.

I love ideas! I love to buy! I love to create!

And then the clock strikes one, and the mouse ran down again… Hickory Dickory Dock…

I am like a crazy little mouse running around but instead of gathering cheese, I am collecting glitter, frosting, and play dough…but it’s too much running.

OH SORRY, see, I am so distracted! I didn’t finish my thought about my parents – tonight I was making dinner, which the little ones finished! Hurray, egg and cheese sandwiches are going on the menu once a week!

As I was saying, I was in the middle of dinner, also doing a cute snack, ( I am so annoying!) plus getting things organized for tomorrow’s play date, oh and making hub’s dinner- yes, I am one of those making everyone something different… As you all shake your heads thinking …. Poor thing- she’s so naive.

AND, I looked around at remnants of food, fruit, half eaten snacks, and I JUST STARTED TO THROW AWAY… EVERYTHING ! And if my parents saw me, they would have had a heart attack. They save everything, well, it’s mostly my Dad, and I usually subscribe to their theory of “Waste not, want not” but not tonight – I just had to clean up the chaos and I seriously did not care if those un eaten graham cracker treats would be perfect for later or tomorrow.

Yup – the ideas and themes have gotten the best of me… Perhaps it’s because I have also thrown in baking for others, driving a bit of a distance to a chosen camp, dealing with kids who don’t nap, outings, and play dates (which I love- Meredith – I loved seeing you today and every fish cupcake was worth it to catch up – you are one of the most inspirational moms I know and your calmness and ability to do it all with three is amazing!)

So about these themes, which, might I add, no one is holding a gun to my head. I am just being Jill – I always want to do it all. I saw this quote by Jillian Michaels in a SELF magazine that I bought recently because I am in dire need of some fitness inspiration.

She said, on turning 40…”What I finally realized is that you can’t have it all.” Granted she was talking about accepting her body and that her but will never be what she wants it to be….

AND I CAN SO RELATE TO THAT!! Baby got back ova here! But, what I gleaned from that quote was that I can’t be doing all of this crafting and making sweets.

Everything costs money, extra time, my patience, among other slenderizing sacrifices ( a few handfuls of this, a taste of that, a spoonful of sweet bliss…what’s the saying…a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips – damn!

I just don’t have a solution yet! I would just quit these summer themes, but Gia told me that she is having the best time, and is loving the themes. How do you say “no more” to that:(

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Hi All,

Just a quick post tonight – have to just get this out!

I am exhausted!

Weary – from trips, parties, crafts, baking, kids never stop needing me…,mommy, mommy, mommy! I mean I love those smiles, just look at these happy kids ( we went to the zoo today!)


Sneak peak of fish week


Well, to be honest, I don’t this theme week is going to be all that exciting…momma’s feeling burned out.

I feel like I hit a wall. Like I am so bone tired that I can’t seem to pick up the clutter…and dinner is hodge podge…like when husband gets home for dinner, I will just open the fridge, pull lots of things out and line them up on the counter and say, “Surprise – it’s a picky party!”

Pick what you want, heat and eat, and call me in the morning…gee- that doesn’t sound right- I’m not a doctor- but I do feel as if I’ve been making rounds for days on end…

But I’m just feeling weary..

Look at this pile of clothes- I don’t have the energy to put away.

Just don’t have the strength to clean up.

Has anyone just felt so pooped out that they don’t want to do anything except eat and try and get through the day? Piles of junk and dirty clothes galore.

Even writing this post wore me out. Good night.



Her nails have never been without polish, her hair is always perfect, her outfits – never without the perfect coordinating accessories – my mother – has always been… pretty much perfect, or so I thought, I mean, nobody’s perfect, right?

She still is, without a doubt, pretty composed, non excessive, gorgeous, always put together, well spoken, and very practical (among other fabulous things…)

One day she shared with me this memory, about how she was at the beach with her friend and ate a creamsicle ice cream cone…and then wanted another- so she had two ice cream cones that day…this is a lady who never binges or goes overboard with food so this was kind of a big deal – I picture my Mom enjoying her second cone with a smile….I love this story – it makes my Mom more “real” and makes me feel like it’s ok to be weak, to have a craving, and just let go…

Unfortunately, I have way too many “weak moments” in the land of overindulgence, but for this post, I am using the story about my mom to show that we are all human, and as far as my themes, I wasn’t able to finish all of my ideas…we had such a busy weekend but the kids had a blast at two BBQ’s so I think they made out just fine!

I think we as moms have been sold a bill of crap, Its like we are less than if we’re not super creative, amazingly talented, fabulously fit and skinny, feeding our kids creations like gluten free muffins made of coconut oil, organic flour, chia seeds, and flax)…

I’m certainly up for trying to make those type of muffins but if I just can’t find the time, it’s ok.

But we are real, humans, struggling mommas, who love our kids more than life itself, and it’s ok to be flawed, let your hair down, have three cupcakes ( once in a while), laugh at yourself , embrace your kid(s), and go to bed knowing you did your best, you tried things, and you were present in their day.

AND that’s my thought provoking piece that was inspired by ice cream…the following pictures are from ICE CREAM WEEK!





COLORED POPCORN CONES (ask in comments if you want instructions)

GIANT ICECREAM CONE – marshmallows and chocolate chips on top (secured by frosting) and cone is graham cracker— after admiring the beauty, guests can scoop up the toppings with the crackers and enjoy!


THESE ARE CRAFTS, construction paper, glitter, Pom poms, glue, scissors, paper bowls…

ICE CREAM CONE CARD ON TOP OF Bottle as a party gift (I glued on rhinestones to jazz up the bottle)


ENJOYING ICECREAM CONE CANDY LOLLYPOPS …they had a few licks and I threw in the garbage

Too much candy, I know, but the lollies were an impulse buy, and you know what, oh well, there’s always next week for smarter decisions …the girls won’t be little
for long and one day they won’t want to do these things with me!

CRAFTS – construction paper, glitter, Pom poms, paper bowls, glue…
Tons of fun!

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