DIY Make your own Happy Meal

Note**this is a bit of a duplicate post but wanted to combine the post with the video so I can keep it organized!

*** if you are here looking for the “How to” keep scrolling.

Kids are still crazy for McDonalds Happy Meals and it’s mostly for the surprise toy!

Of course you can go to your local fast food joint and grab one or you can let your creative juices flow and make it yourself!

It’s so easy and I promise you the kids will be so excited for something different for dinner or lunch! You can also feel good giving them something that’s a healthier version of the real thing!

I made the chicken nuggets myself and here’s the recipe I used!

For the fries, I cut up apples for slices and used this template for the fry box.

For the box, there are different templates I saw on line, but I just ordered these boxes from Amazon because I thought it would just be easier! Also I envisioned future crafty uses for them. Here’s the link if you want to copy!

Add the drink and the fun toy and you’re good to go! Watch your kids be surprised and happy you did something different for them!

Video with the kids


Hi All,

Just a quick post tonight – have to just get this out!

I am exhausted!

Weary – from trips, parties, crafts, baking, kids never stop needing me…,mommy, mommy, mommy! I mean I love those smiles, just look at these happy kids ( we went to the zoo today!)


Sneak peak of fish week


Well, to be honest, I don’t this theme week is going to be all that exciting…momma’s feeling burned out.

I feel like I hit a wall. Like I am so bone tired that I can’t seem to pick up the clutter…and dinner is hodge podge…like when husband gets home for dinner, I will just open the fridge, pull lots of things out and line them up on the counter and say, “Surprise – it’s a picky party!”

Pick what you want, heat and eat, and call me in the morning…gee- that doesn’t sound right- I’m not a doctor- but I do feel as if I’ve been making rounds for days on end…

But I’m just feeling weary..

Look at this pile of clothes- I don’t have the energy to put away.

Just don’t have the strength to clean up.

Has anyone just felt so pooped out that they don’t want to do anything except eat and try and get through the day? Piles of junk and dirty clothes galore.

Even writing this post wore me out. Good night.


Cool as a Cucumber on a Manic Monday




I. will. remain. calm.   


Even though she is jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean.


Even though she screamed and carried on during Gia’s dance class, where she wanted “in, in, in.”


Even though she tried to bash Gia’s head with the broom quite a few times.

“Aghhh! Help me”


I will be calm, cool, and collected.


Yup, going to try this, not going to raise my voice today, will get a boot camp booty (Lord knows I need it) workout running up and down the stairs to put G in timeout when she is sassy, rather than yell.  I’ve been raising my voice quite a few octaves in the past couple of weeks, and waking up with a sore throat and a sorry heart. Plus, it’s not working…I know this. I was a teacher. But, still, sometimes, I just can’t help it.


Ok, it’s noon and kids are eating each other like a scene from National Geographic- let’s get creative before one child gets eaten! Keep calm and carry on (why is it I feel they created this saying for me and it’s also EVERYWHERE NOW!)


First we devise a scene that is slightly disconcerting if you think about it, kind of like the way I feel about that nursery rhyme about the blackbirds. Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye, Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie


It gives me goosebumps thinking about these birds in the pie!

Cooking up some friends


I can’t explain how excited they were to do this…running to get bowls and their furry friends to cook them up.  Strange, I know, but it occupied them.


Then I rummaged through the closet of crappola and found the second box of Christmas cards from last year that were sent by mistake from Shutterfly.


What can we do with these? Spend an hour cutting out the pictures and make a scary, OCD looking sort of collage, like the apartment wall at Carrie Mathison’s from Homeland.




Sheer brilliance


Moving on to balloons…many sightings for these balloons today.  These are a few of the highlights…

Wall Art

and um, does anyone think this is totally odd? What does this remind you of?



Look closely – I’m in a cupcake foil. Want to eat me?

Arts and crafts (Is anyone starting to feel that this was a little like toddler mission impossible?)

Crafting Chaos


Unusual dressing up…

I love tin foil
Momma’s boots


and I actually managed to make something a little fancier than meatloaf!

Flounder piccata!

Happy Monday and here’s to takin on Tuesday!