Screw the strawberries, gimme the wine

I posted a few hours ago on my Facebook fan page that I was having strawberries instead of the glass of wine I so badly needed  wanted.  Oops- badly isn’t a word!  I had this kooky English teacher in middle school, a bubbly, ditzy, blond with super thick glasses and I remember her chanting “I feel bad, not badly, I feel bad, not badly,I feel bad, not badly” for the entire period while she furiously demonstrated this with her hands.  Can you imagine? An entire period of this and they wonder why American children have poor grammar skills…

As I was saying, I was not exactly enjoying these strawberries, so screw that, I needed something else that was red and much more effective at soothing my frazzled nerves.

Today seemed endless.  Our one outing (gymnastics class) of the day was canceled, which at first was fine with me…perhaps the two weeks of space between the class will calm the flames of embarrassment.  Last week during a typical “shaky eggs,” toddler song and dance, I was completely lost in thought.  I was listening and following the instructor’s moves so well that I was up on my feet and doing a “jump up with your eggs” when I noticed that I was the only one doing this! Arianna ran away from the group and was hanging on the bar, the other kids were lost in space, and the parents were just standing around talking.  I guess I was just so happy to be listening to a teacher and not doing the teaching, I got caught up in the moment.

Anyways, the day has been trying to say the least.  I thought it would be a good idea to make green treats (will post on future blog) for everyone….the preschool class, the two play dates I have, a few friends, and for a St. Patty’s Day Party- seriously, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I relax! Perhaps I should switch to decaf like a friend once suggested to me.  A few years ago, we met for a walk with our babies…I rambled on a mile a minute and when our walk was done and she had already gone (or is it went– Mom- I can never remember this!) back in her house, I kept going round and round the block, red faced, huffing and puffing, but I just had so much energy to burn and a lot on my mind (This is actually me every day, unless pharmacologically driven to my bed, either that or I am majorly hung over, and let’s face it, I’m not in my twenties anymore and I have two energizer bunny children so that doesn’t happen very often!

After many laps around the block, and probably a full hour later, she came out and saw me waving frantically to her, “Hey, Amanda, ready for another lap? Later that week, she confronted me and said, “Girl, you have got to switch to decaf!”

So between the cookie creating, and the high pitched background noise (aka my singing daughter), and this month’s song obsession, and by obsession, I mean from morning till night- non-stop singing of the song from My Little Pony “Hey, hey everybody, we’re here to shout what the magic of friendship is all about,” as well as the fact that the girls were fighting so much today that it felt like amateur boxing day here without any breaks between rounds.


Then we started painting murals, then stopped, then started, then stopped, something always catching there eye mid stroke to go and do….it truly is bizarre, one minute they’re painting and the next minute their hiding from me- behind the couch, behind the curtain, in their tent, under blankets, and how can we forget the dryer. Remember that post-Hiding Out

Can’t see me!

“Why do you hide from me G?” I ask, truly perplexed.

“Because I really want to be funny, like more funny than ever.”

I think as soon as she can write, she can take over this blog.