It just doesn’t take much…

Today was Make it Mondays

A while back, I discoved these Edible Color Markers by Wilton Brand at Michaels and thought that it could be fun to decorate marshmallows.  Since it’s winter here, we created a snowy scene.  We used a large piece of cardboard from a box, glue, and cotton balls.  We made a couple of trees as well.  This was our landscape to place the snowmen on.

photo (1)

Must use imagination- this is supposed to be snow!

Then the fun part- decorating the marshmallows.


This was our result- I think it kind of looks like a scene from a Halloween special, but hey, the kids had fun.

Scary looking marshmallow people

Scary looking marshmallow people

This was a simple idea that I thought of and it didn’t really come out that great BUT as soon as we started this project, G, said “Mom, this is so much fun!” and “I love this craft!”

This was then followed by a, “You’re the best Mom ever!” 

Awww, she does happen to say this a lot lately and it probably is a phase but hey, I’ll take it.

A few thoughts during this craft- it really was a mess, especially with the two year old, and I tend to feel like a two faced momma when it comes to crafts…I read about them or think of something creative, get the materials, start the project and then start to feel my patience waning…thinking to myself, “Ok- I have to start dinner soon, this floor is a mess, the kids are a mess, darn it, there’s glue and marshmallows on my clothes, and I can’t take this anymore!” 

Today, I tried to just go with it – they were happy and having fun and I felt a lot less guilty with this activity than dragging them to the mall.

I remembered back to this one day when I was on the check out line to purchase a dress at the Ann Taylor Loft and me, being the chat it up with anyone kind of woman, started talking to a very put together woman who was wearing an adorable white summer dress.  She also had two year old twins in her double stroller.  I said to her, “Wow, your brave wearing that white dress.”

She just laughed and said without any frown or hesitation, “Oh, everything is washable.”

This woman appeared so carefree and probably was the type who wouldn’t even get too upset, even if the twins did decide to create a masterpiece with spaghetti on her dress.     

I cannot remember this woman’s face but obviously her attitude stuck with me.  When you really think about it, messes, stains, and sticky faces are not too high a price to pay when your kids are happy, engaged, and having fun.  

Here’s to relaxing, making messes, and knowing that crafts, projects, and crumbs can all be cleaned up (you may lose out on your putting your feet up and reading the latest gossip magazine time ) but I think it’s worth it. I surely feel fulfilled today and I have no idea Who wore it best!