Memorial Weekend Thoughts

Memorial Day Weekend. The name itself conjures up images of girls gone wild. A suitcase filled with fancy, going out… well basically slutty clothes, makeup, and bottles of pre game mixers and alcohol.

I can remember the outfit changes, fashion shows with the girls, the nights out, the drinks, the hook ups, the “list” on the kitchen fridge of beer goggled conquests. Oh the craziness that went on at the shore. What happens at the shore stays at the shore!

I remember the drive to the house, windows down, maybe smoking a cigarette (this was twenty years ago!) the excitement, the start of summer. The hope of meeting someone special if you were single, the looking forward to soaking up the sun by day, dancing the night away by night, and having a blast hanging with your housemates.

Weekends at the shore were a continuous series of laughs, drama, closeness, drinking, and late night pizza ( although that part was an ongoing problem. I think we all would set out saying, “I’m not going to eat pizza tonight!”

But come 2 am, someone would inevitably cave… Waking up to the telltale evidence of a late night pizza binge.

Seems like a distant memory. Those were fun days for sure. But these days, these types of weekends, when my husband is home for that extra day, and we get three days of family time and BBQs with friends, it’s pure bliss.

Hamburgers, pool parties, smiles and s’mores.

This memorial weekend I was happy to be home, hanging with my family, the thought of me in a bar, cocktails and cougars, sends a shiver of scariness down my spine.

Here’s a picture of my watermelon decorated sugar cookies I brought to a BBQ. Will be posting recipe and video soon.

Awesome Oatmeal Cookies Made by Tiny Hands of Love

Yesterday was absolutely freezing, actually beyond freezing, like 1 degree with a windchill of -18 degrees! They canceled her preschool for the day- I secretly rejoice when school is canceled- I love staying in my pajamas with no where to go…well, I love it as well as get a little anxious about it. The wheels start rolling in my brain- what are we going to do? This day has to be amazing with visions of forts and crafts, and litle girls cuddled under the covers while I read them a story !

Wham! Crash- My little just broke a plate, crying ensues , sigh…so much for my Cleaver dream – What was I thinking- this never happens! Its like a dream or a fantasy, one that I’ve seen before, one with rosy cheeked children coming in from the cold and enjoying delicious cups of hot chocolate! 

Well, perfect dream day or not, I decided to cookies with G.  I decided to deliver some to my cousin and her daughter who live in town and you know what- it felt great. G was so happy to help with the cookies and cousin said it was a nice surprise…so I decided to start

TOO KIND TUESDAYS. Every Tuesday, we will do something kind. Stay tuned.