Awesome Oatmeal Cookies Made by Tiny Hands of Love

Yesterday was absolutely freezing, actually beyond freezing, like 1 degree with a windchill of -18 degrees! They canceled her preschool for the day- I secretly rejoice when school is canceled- I love staying in my pajamas with no where to go…well, I love it as well as get a little anxious about it. The wheels start rolling in my brain- what are we going to do? This day has to be amazing with visions of forts and crafts, and litle girls cuddled under the covers while I read them a story !

Wham! Crash- My little just broke a plate, crying ensues , sigh…so much for my Cleaver dream – What was I thinking- this never happens! Its like a dream or a fantasy, one that I’ve seen before, one with rosy cheeked children coming in from the cold and enjoying delicious cups of hot chocolate! 

Well, perfect dream day or not, I decided to cookies with G.  I decided to deliver some to my cousin and her daughter who live in town and you know what- it felt great. G was so happy to help with the cookies and cousin said it was a nice surprise…so I decided to start

TOO KIND TUESDAYS. Every Tuesday, we will do something kind. Stay tuned.


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