I just let out a deep breath, I feel lighter, and I feel myself straightening up.  I did it, I figured something out, although extremely simple, something which these techies and bloggers would scoff at, at least I figured it out.

I changed my url address.  I have been blogging now for two weeks and every time I logged onto this account I saw the url address that I DID NOT WANT. Because of my embarassingly bad habit of relying on my husband for many things, namely computer stuff, business type of things, and home improvements, I ended up with something I did not like.

In fact, if I dig deep into the memories, I’m pretty sure past situations where I relied on others left me unhappy with a result or perhaps just unhappy. 

But I lived with it until today.  Today is the day I decide to overcome helplessness because I certainly do not want to continue down this damsel in distress charade and I absolutely do not want my girls to feel helpless, trapped, and not empowered!

“Screeech…scrape…per klunk!” Ok well my two year old just dragged the kitchen chair over to the counter so she could climb up and grab some cookies that she just spied. Hmmm,  I guess I can’t be too mad because 1) Those are my home made oatmeal frosty cookies and they do happen to be amazing and 2) She just figured out how to get these delicious treats all by herself.

Yes! I silently think to myself, you go little one!  As I half heartedly remind her,  “No cookies before dinner.”

Oh what the heck- have a cookie- really, there are worse things!

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