Herbal tea

I think I need to take a bit of a break with the daily posts on this blog.  Apparently, I am not spending nearly enough time on the extremely important events in my children’s life like the fact that I had no idea that I would have needed to camp out and sleep in my car overnight to get the morning slot for next year at the preschool we now attend!  My daughter currently attends this school in town and the registration was this weekend.  I sort of heard that a lot of moms wanted this morning slot at this school but I guess I was so involved with blogging lately and attuned to important issues like eating donuts and drinking wine and being silly, that I failed or rather neglected to suck it up and fully commit to the sleepover of all sleepovers! Waiting in line from 4 p.m. Friday afternoon until 9 a.m. the next day to get into the exclusive morning class at the very best preschool in the country!

I mean, my daughter’s entire educational career depends upon this school.  I can just forget about scholarships, or an Ivy League education now! Damn you blog for taking me away…ok, the truth is we did make it into the afternoon class so I suppose Gia will still make it in this world, not to mention that I’m sure this isn’t the best school in the country, it’s just the most expensive in this town, thus creating the illusion of the crème of the crop.  My husband got on line at 4 a.m. to  at least ensure we got into this school.  I may not be able to keep my daughter in this school now for other reasons, but the point of this post is I kind of feel that I have been wasting my time a little…

I love writing and it’s a great outlet for me but I feel like the posting every day has been a little obsessive and taking away from my family… not exactly sure if they care…the girls seem much happier to cuddle with their daddy at night anyway…he’s the good guy —I’m the mean one! Oh Mom- looks like I am following in your footsteps! But at this point in my life who do I call almost every day? Sometimes three times a day- sorry Dad, who wouldn’t even be reading this sentence at this point – he sees lots of words and paragraphs as something way too “long.” and I seriously doubt he reads my posts.

Dad may have a point there – when I am looking at other people’s blogs, I tend to see many paragraphs and get kind of bored, we are all so busy and have so much on our plate, who really wants to read about how I love Dunkin Donuts and that my house is a mess! Well, maybe it is comical for the first five posts but after a while, I’m sure you all are rolling your eyes…that Jill, does she do anything except drink coffee and wine, not do her laundry, and talk about what she’s going to do?

I guess the only solution is to switch from wine to herbal tea, send my laundry out to a cleaner, and with all the free time on my hands and laid back disposition, I’ll just start playing with the girls- no need to blog about how I’m going to create all of these index cards full of activities, I’ll just do them! The only problem is I’ll need a money earning job to pay for the laundry…hmm

But seriously, I am a self-admitted obsessive compulsive personality type, but I love my girls and my husband and my family, so so so much and they are my everything so I need to chill out and maybe write every other day…or perhaps just when the mood strikes me.

Happy New Years

Well, here it is. The first day of the new year… A fresh start, a blank slate, and boy am I excited! I changed the name of my blog today … It used to be laundry love … Um yea , what the heck was I thinking! I abhor laundry- it’s the most mind numbing task that NEVER ENDS….EVER! It’s like a battle where I always lose or end up flat out frustrated! I manage to put the clothes in, maybe remember to put them in the dryer…but when it comes to the actual folding ugh, it takes days to get this done…mostly because the girls keep throwing themselves in the pile of clothes…. And then when the miracle of actually folding the laundry occurs, the piles sit there forever. I mean the entire task of putting all those little pink and purple tiny socks in pairs used all the “boring chore” reserves of my brain and I couldn’t even fathom the idea of going from room to room opening up drawer after drawer and putting away those freshly laundered items!
So there you have it. I don’t like laundry and sometime I don’t love being a stay at home Mom but I love my girls more than anything and I am going to embrace this time with them…even though my four year old cried passionately this evening about how she didn’t want to eat the meatball for dinner ! And the fact that I picked up toys off the ground all day long only to walk to a different room to see that my two year old decided to decorate the walls with stickers and crayons… Yea this is my fabulous life but I will continue to make it my mission to raise confident, happy, smart, and strong girls.