Miss Independent

“Oh geez,” I would think to myself when I saw yet another cute baby or toddler pictured with the hashtag #stopgrowing or #imissthemsolittle. I used to read these posts, shake my head, and think to myself, “Are you kidding me?” I can’t wait for her to grow up… whether it was Gia, Arianna, and now mostly Lexi.
Diapers, crying, spills, sticky fingers, and that constant trapped feeling… Ugh! Life with babies… I spent and sometimes still spend a lot of time wishing they would just grow up!

But recently my tune has changed. The saying “Be careful what you wish for,” definitely pertains to me these days.
YES! THIS IS LEXI WASHING HER POTTY…With the bathroom hand towel! I promise, I washed it!
She is most certainly in her miss Independent Stage and it’s driving me crazy! She wants to do everything by herself and I mean everything!

This girl is holding me up! I like to keep things moving at a nice, steady pace…click the safety belts on the car seat myself, cook and bake uninterrupted when I am pressed for time, and hang out in the kitchen without worrying that someone is going to climb the counters trying to get her own bowl or cup.
I really shouldn’t complain but… it’s just a wee bit frustrating!
Looks like my next instagram post is going to be #staylittleandjustletmemomon!

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Oh Pizza

“Ugh, I have such a headache…” I would moan to a college roommate as I made my way to the center of the apartment…suddenly going from feeling disgusting to punch drunk giddy talking about our antics of the night…Who slept over? Who slept out? Who made a fool of themselves?… And then …the dreaded question…

“Did we get Papa’s last night?”

Oh no…

“How much pizza did I eat? ”
Three pieces…

“Oh shit, not again, oh and breadsticks too- damn, I am never drinking again!”

Yea, that was probably par for the course back in the day, and unfortunately through my wild twenties as well…



And a few sizes bigger in my jeans too…

I was young and free and reckless.

But then I moved on in life, finally got married, and then had children…thinking that it would be so much easier to stay healthy and eat better without so many late night food situations…

And then came the toddler years…

“Oh want to have a play date, we’ll do pizza.”
“Come on over, we’ll just get a pizza – so easy with the kids, right?”
“Ugh, I’ve had the crappiest day, I’m just ordering a pizza.”
” My child won’t eat anything but pizza so that’s what we’re having.”
” Oh, look, another invitation for a birthday party – pizza and cake.” ( Not calling anyone out on this one- my daughter is having a birthday party in a couple of weeks and that’s what we’re serving)
“Let’s go out – I guess we’ll just get pizza- at least everyone likes it.”

Aghhh…when will I ever get away from pizza?
Not to mention…
Goldfish, donuts, ice cream, cookies, and CUPCAKES:)

And my weak self control….sigh

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The End of the day is like mile 23 of the marathon


The end of the day is like mile 23 of the marathon…so so tired, not a lot of fans (at least that’s how it was for me in the Marine Corps Marathon, Washington D.C.) and just craving the finish line (in this case, it’s bed- for them).

It’s six pm and I am weary, like the muscles in my shoulders are sore and tense from picking up little one, picking up toys, and being on my feet all day, simply tired of battling every step of the way – hearing the ever constant favorite saying of a two year old- “NO!” – the groans and moans, hitting each other, and the constant repeating “no,” by me.

“Can we please stay at the park?”

“Can I have more cookies, more fruit, more popcorn, more, more, more!” They always want more.

“Can I eat ice cream for lunch?”

“Can I eat on the couch?”


Then there’s the bringing them to gymnastics, the park, and the usual madness that occurs in my house.

I look at the clock- three hours to go…as I am serving them dinner, – oh great, another mess to clean up as little is up and out of her seat every two minutes, touching the chair, spilling on the floor, and running to the family room- I swear she has food ADD, she cannot sit and finish her food- she takes a bite or two and then runs around…

OH NO! She gets this from me, I cannot sit and eat either, I take a bite, and then I’m up cleaning something, but that’s because I am just trying to multitask and get everything done – it’s kind of like a game- that I never win!

I feel that if I can be on top of the cleaning and the clutter, I can score a moment to myself, to go sit on the stairs and take a breath.

But, they always find me…take today, for example, it was 4pm and I was finally eating lunch, and I sat down with my yogurt and strawberries, and within 30 seconds, Ari was like “Oh strawberries, can I have some, can I have some yogurt?”

Ugh- I don’t want to deny my children food, especially when it’s healthy, but she just ate…but then my mind starts thinking, Well, what if she is hungry? But it’s so close to dinner- but she doesn’t eat very well anyway, might as well make her a yogurt snack.

Ok, get up to make her yogurt mixture, dollop of the honey, shake of cinnamon, handful of raisins and strawberries.  She takes one bite and is off and running. Sigh