Belly Laughs

After lunch today, G, lifted up her shirt and showed me her belly. “Look Mommy how big it is,” she exclaimed with a big smile and excitement in her eyes…

“Wow,” I said. “That’s great,” I smiled and said…as a vision of me whipping out my stomach during dinner popped into my head.     

“Hey, guys, look at how big my stomach is!” I would have exclaimed.

Would the dinner company stare in awe and jealousy, murmuring to themselves…gee, How did she get that awesome body?…What diet is she on?…

Laughing to myself, picturing high fives all around the table- “Awesome – keep up the good work Jill- What’s your secret?”

Yea right- on what planet would that ever occur? It was a funny vision but it did make me think.

That would be amazing on two levels – one that being a little heavier was something to strive for.  No diets, scary scales, and endless books, commercials, and magazines devoted to losing weight.  No guilt when having the bread, finishing your plate, and ordering dessert – make that a la mode please!

One another level, the fact that a girl or woman could be so comfortable with her less than perfect body that she could just show it off with a giggle, or a smile, and then move on and have a fun day or night…  sounds so nice, cheerful, and easy breezy doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, that will probably never be the case, especially not here in America where people are obsessed with weight, dieting, and their appearance.  The environment that I will be raising my precious, beautiful girls will be a harsh one, with Victoria Secret commercials, fashion magazines, and television shows with girls with skinny minny bodies, big boobs, and cosmetically enhanced fakeness.  We as Moms know that this perfection doesn’t exist but young, impressionable girls don’t – and its up to us to raise confident, happy, goal driven children and by goals I do not mean a goal weight!

I am going to add a page to my blog entitled Sunshine and Strength where I can list ideas to help raise confident, happy, and smart girls.

As for now, the girls and I are going to munch on some leftover cookies, cuddle under a blanket (it’s a dreary, rainy day – perfect for reading books and relaxing), and enjoy the rest of the day. 

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