My two year old is very difficult. She has been a crier and a screamer since day one.
She is the reason wine became a very good friend of mine (sorry mom!) My mom is now following my blog and isn’t a big fan of the statement “I need a glass of vino ASAP.”

My little bundle of joy hates getting dressed, getting her diaper changed, getting her hair washed, having her hair brushed, and most of all ….getting her hair cut.
The bloodcurdling screams and streaming tears down her face can make any hairdresser seriously reconsider her chosen occupation. So what is any level headed mom to do – do it herself!

Yes, today I simply could not take another day of looking at the ratty, knotty, It’s a Hard knock life looking hair so I decided to give it a little trim. Um, well the first snip, while she was running for cover, dictated that this was NOT going to be just a trim. Oh my goodness, I really took a lot off. Panic set in. She’s going to look like an utter freak! Everyone will be looking at my daughter as the one who has a psychotic mother … Scenes of Mommy Dearest running through my brain…..This has to be remedied.

I get out all the weapons – ice cream, lollipops, chocolate (my secret stash) anything to bribe this wild child to sit still so I can somewhat remedy this situation that could possible ruin her future in my town. What if the future coolest girl in fourth grade remembers this incident? People, I am totally kidding! I really don’t care about who’s who in the fourth grade!

I finally get little girl to sit still and try to get a somewhat even looking cut… OK, it’s not exactly terrible, but if she was older than two with this unfortunate looking bob, the girl would hate me forever.

As a side note to this story, she has completely enjoyed her afternoon. She put the music on, has been dancing her little heart out, flashing her dimples, and loving life. Gosh if we could all live this way, crappy haircut or not, just dancing and smiling and happy to have some pizza on a Friday night we would all be so much happier.

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