This is getting boring – day seven of thirty day challenge

Hi all! I am feeling so happy, saw the best people this weekend! Had so much fun with my family, and “for the first time in forever…”
JUST KIDDING! Just saw it, for the thousandth time, couldn’t resist!

Like I was going to say! Laughed, like a real belly laugh- Tom was making fun of me, of the errands that I deem so important! like a return or trip to Harmon’s … Or all of these “so called stressors” that I have….yea, being a SAHM has caused me to fret about the stupidest errands!

Which brings me to my next point. I quit this thirty day challenge because I realize that I am happy. It only took one week, to see it in print, to think about my daily life and how blessed we are with all of our friends and fun!

Every day is good, even the crappy days…


I always have someone I can call and moan to, I have the cutest girls in the world( granted everyone thinks that about their own kids) but come on… Look at these two….


And the weeks are just flying by…filled with activities and parties!


The girls with their microphones singing!

Sooo… No need to continue this challenge because things are good, on the kid and family front. They’re all taken care of.

So that leaves me… Not quite sure. I wouldn’t say I feel taken care of, or doing what is good for me… But it’s late and I don’t have any answers there, for now… So I’ll think about this….

So cliche isn’t it… Mommy takes care of everyone, and her friends, and neglects herself!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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