I have tried – every morning for the past three mornings to be positive, full of life, and calm all the while enjoying all of these moments playing with the girls and trying to not go absolutely insane! This is so mind numbing for me at times… How do some Moms go from activity after activity and love this!!Are they boring dullards that don’t think very much? I’ve often wished that I could be one of those women that just wake up, do what they have to do, read a magazine, put up their feet and call it a day….wouldn’t that be amazing- to not think – to not wish for more?

But I NEVER stop thinking and My mind constantly churns and spins… What are we going to do?! How am I going to get through this day? What is a thrilling activity for toddlers? Ahhhh,,, I need to get out! I need to make a plan! I need a girls night! I need to go shopping ! I need to get out of these yoga pants!

I try to do something, anything, write out a bill, check something on the internet, anything that doesn’t involve the girls and they immediately come running ! Grabbing my phone, grabbing the pen …I can’t even go to the bathroom without “mooooomy’ Mommy, ” even now as I am trying to write this I am standing with the iPad up high trying to write this… Is it really that important that I write this – not really- but at least it’s a break albeit not the most relaxing one as my girls are,now throwing plastic fruits at me..

Help! I love them … This is temporary , right?