Making Strides Mondays

Powerful Shirt

I was pulling one of the new shirts off Gia’s hanger this morning and I noticed that the label inside said self esteem… hmm self esteem in a shirt, what a packaged deal, how convenient, I’ll just buy seven more of these shirts with this label in various colors – gosh, this parenting thing is going to be a piece of cake … “Can’t buy me looove, love, oh, money can’t buy me love…” but it will buy me self-esteem infused in a pastel pink baby doll frock…awesome-  that certainly saves me a lifetime of girly issues… envisioning Gia slipping on this shirt and transforming herself into a petite powerhouse…

An image of Gia standing tall in her preschool class- “What, friend X, you don’t want to be my friend, well, that’s ok” …as she thinks to herself  “Who cares, I am sweet and cute and you smell like smooshed cheerios and I know you’ll be my friend tomorrow!”

If only it was that easy, right? Unfortunately, high self esteem and great confidence cannot be bought but I do think that it is one of the most important things for a child to have so they can be happy, make wise choices, and be free of anxieties so they can study hard or pursue their dreams… I am certainly going to try my best to nurture a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence with my girls.

Today I am starting Making Strides Mondays…making strides towards raising confident girls- will post stories and thoughts geared towards feeling good and becoming strong.  I’ll throw in some stuff for us mommas too, I know that I can use a little boost of inspiration.

It’s really hard for me to write about good things or even talk about the amazing.  I seem to have the need to tell all the negative things I feel because somewhere deep inside, I have always felt that other people like me better when I am struggling – misery loves company right?- if you are pigging out, one often feels better doing it with a friend…I’ve certainly been there and I’m not saying this isn’t fun and sometimes needed – the vegging out and snacking with a good friend. We all need to let go from time to time…

My issue is the constant need to make someone feel better by joining in their misery or withholding my feelings.  Part of the reason I do this is because I have watched women gossip and exhibit jealous like behaviors towards attractive, wealthy, lucky women…and I must admit, I am guilty of this too, I have beautiful people in my life who are strong and happy and seem to be able to exhibit much self-control in diet world, or have the perfectly pressed outfit complete with accessories, and sometimes, I would rather not be in their company…much easier to hang with piggy in my sweats and munch on some fries… ( this is about no one in particular my fabulous friends!- just an example).

So I digress but back to the holding back my happiness thing-  It’s like I made it my life’s mission to never have someone be jealous of me or think that “I think who I am” kind of a thing  (an impossible goal, I know, it’s not like I have any control of what people think or what they’re going to say but I certainly tried!) It’s like I have been a chameleon, changing my colors to make others feel comfortable or making sure no one knows the truth about me.

This has been a wordy, perhaps confusing post but the point is I usually talk or write about the bumps in life and don’t share the happy blips so here’s one for today.

Today I feel amazingly loved.

In the past two days since I posted a heartfelt post called Let it Go,

I have had such an outpouring of love and take my breath away words that I feel shocked and loved at the same time.

Gosh darn it, people love me. A little Stuart Smalley (SNL) anyone?