Monday night pizza

It was a long day. A very long day, starting with the typical struggle to get the girls out of the house and then trying to remain somewhat calm for dance class while the two year old screeched and wiggled and looked longingly at the door to the class- she wanted in! She wants in every week. Every week I struggle with her. People with nannies are so lucky! If I had someone to watch her for that one hour a week, I think every muscle in my back would shed tears of joy…To have one hour a week where I could look through the window at my beautiful ballerina princess dancing…ok I’m whining.

After dance a few errands and Arianna and Gia decided to use riding in the carts at Target as an adrenaline pumping ride through the aisles…up, down, up, down, it’s really quite exhausting, and if another passer by tells my children to be careful…

I look at these people and they say to me, “Oh that makes me nervous” Um- ya think it doesn’t make me nervous? Do you think we are training for some sort of acrobat show on carts?

Actually, I am going to say that next time…when Arianna is up on her feet in the infant sitting section of the big red cart- When I get the wary eye from some old woman, I’ll say, “She’s getting pretty good isn’t she? Meet me here next week in the cereal aisle and watch her flip.”

And on and on went the day, Gia spit in my face...I handled it– Olivia Pope in the house….

I ordered a pizza, and mozzarella sticks…ok and opened the red, and it’s only Monday but it felt good- I needed this…seems like such a sacrilege to get pizza on a different day than on a Friday doesn’t it?

I wonder what wild and crazy thing I’ll do next…

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