Forget me Not

After I finish writing this post, I am going online to purchase some dish towels.  Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? But we need them. I don’t know where they went. I used to have an entire stack of thirsty dish towels but they just disappeared.

What is going on in my life and home? These are not the only items that have mysteriously vanished.  Plastic measuring cups are gone, socks, and various pots and pans…but the most astonishing disappearing act of all is my with-it ness, my former knack of remembering small details, and my short term memory.

It’s really bad, I stand in the kitchen, open a cabinet, and have no idea what I am looking for! I think I’m too young for this sort of problem…oh wait, I think I read about this phenomenon somewhere, it’s called- The Saga of the Brain Cell Sucking Children.

Today, upon entering my favorite store, Target, it’s actually not my favorite, it’s just those red carts are a nice size and the plastic seems softer than other stores for my toddler’s precious behind. I’m kidding- I’m not that obsessed with my child’s utter comfort ( for some reason, I am envisioning those tiny dogs that people tote around – they are called sleeve dogs, and no amount of pampering is too much.)

I’m nothing like that- you should see us hurdling down the sidewalk on a freezing, winter day- kids have no hats, no gloves, coats opened, summer shoes with no socks! I’m telling you, it’s next to impossible to get them out of the house- I am lucky the kids are wearing clothes at all…There’s something to be said for fresh air- it does wonders for your soul- who cares about frostbite?

So after entering Target- for a return, just a return, but on that topic, who can seriously go to Target for just a return?  I always have at least one thing I need or could use.  Take this afternoon, for example, we needed saran wrap, so on the journey to the paper products aisle, I see all of this unnecessary merchandise that I suddenly have to have.

To go all that way to the store, struggle with the very exhausting act of getting my girls ready, out the door, in the car, into the store, and not buy something would seem silly and wasteful of my precious time. Right?    

Within seconds after barreling through the automatic doors, Arianna just took off running. I think she thought we were at the gym and she was going to make sure she got her sprints in before we hit the weights.  That girl saw a Valentine’s Day display of neon pink underwear and made a run for it…

I was in shock, she has run off on me before but never at the onset of the trip. Gia and I went running after her and found her sprawled out underneath a table of clothes.  It really was pretty comical- she is a crazy little girl. She was just laughing and rolling around, come to think of it- maybe she thought she was in music class.

I got her up and we made it back to the cart area where she acquiesced to sitting with the promise of a cookie.   The rest of the outing was typical- a typical trip to Target with little ones…the whining, the asking for treats, and the embarrassing comments.   

“Mommy- why did that girl say hello to me? I don’t even know her,” exclaimed Gia repeatedly.

“You know what, my Mommy said that Daddy is a bummer head,” said an informative Gia to the cashier.

“Do you need tampons?” said Gia loudly.

I put my head down and push the cart as fast as I can to where I have to go…in fact, I was practically sprinting to get out of there today as my head was spinning, my mouth was hurting from the frozen, permanent smiling, that is often plastered on my face when shopping with the girls.  I have truly mastered the calm mommy appearance while out in public.  In fact, I actually was told from a salesclerk once on my way out of Kohls that she and her coworkers were admiring my peaceful demeanor as Arianna was banging on the glass doors screaming “Go, go, go…”

If they only knew what was going on inside my head…”Please God, give me the strength to make it out of here without falling down.” Or “Please help me bypass those chocolates that look so delicious and would in fact give me at least a two minute mental break from the grips of this temper tantrum!”

Once home and reassessing my trip, I realized I forgot the dish towels! Ugh! Darn it- it’s like the worst feeling ever to have forgotten something after all that trouble! It feels like watching a show on my DVR and finding out the tail end of the show was deleted! Just leaves you so let down… and that is how I felt about these dish towels!

Today its dish towels, tomorrow its toilet paper, yesterday it was toothpaste.

What’s next? I’ll most likely forget to feed my children, oh wait, I sometimes do do that.  “What do you mean you’re hungry? Didn’t we just eat?”

“Mommy- I’m huuuungry….” Oops, I totally forgot we left the house, went to dance, music, and CVS, lured Arianna away from the Hallmark cards…the girl loves a good cry, started a craft, and never ate!

So, my second Mommy truth is…drumroll please

Write everything down; develop an organizational system to remember things you need, obligations to be met, and dates to remember because children occupy all the corners of your brain!  Even when you think you have it all together, you’re organized, you’re on top of things, you totally have this mommy thing down pat, your strolling about in Macy’s feeling exceptionally light and free, and you hear a page, “Jill, will you come get your lost party.” 

Gee- what an irresponsible parent losing their child, you think to yourself… Jill, Jill, Jill –  that name sounds awfully familiar.  Oh My God- that’s me!  

Never a dull moment

I feel strange.  Not myself – I have been wandering around my kitchen and living room for a while, ok, well it only has been five minutes, but in the “Moooomy- where are you?” world it seems downright long.   The girls were playing together for five glorious minutes! Five minutes where the little one wasn’t clinging to my leg and Gia wasn’t asking for a snack or water.  Seriously, that girl can put it away….

In a day filled with driving to activities, feeding the kids, and breaking up mini girl fights- What is up with that lately? I thought it was boys that were supposed to be rough…what happened to my dream of two little girls, bent over a book, giggling about their mommy (aka Cinderella) scrubbing the floors…

Gia truly believes I am pretty as that golden haired princess, in fact, she actually thinks I am Cinderella.  This makes carrying that 8 + pounder around, delivering past my due date, and suffering through 24 hours of labor, among other technical scares all worth it…I will ride this Cinderella train as long as I can…pretty sure I will be the Wicked Witch of the West soon enough.

I may be Cinderella, but my fairy godmother isn’t helping me in the sibling rivalry department! They are constantly fighting with each other and Arianna can get awfully vicious for a two year old.  Two days ago she bit Gia really hard and just today, she did some serious damage with her scratchy fingernails – and I just cut them! Do you moms feel like their fingernails always need to be cut? I pick Gia up from school, notice overgrown nails, and that along with her ratty hair (she equates hair brushing with getting shots at the doctor, you should see the fear and tears in her eyes when I bring out the brush) must raise eyebrows at the school.

So back to those five minutes- I find myself just staring at the floor, staring at piles of clothes (well, actually lumps of clothes) that need to be put away, and gazing out the window.  I am like a sulky kitten when I am not needed – aimless with no direction.  Upon thinking of this, I realized that the girls must feel this way when they are either finished with a snack, a show, or a project/activity.

They simply don’t know what to do with themselves and that’s when these little angels start to drive me bonkers, and I get frustrated saying, “Come on girls- go play- find something to do.” But they just can’t, well, not yet, not until they’ve reached the slamming of the door stage and not wanting to be bothered with their farty old mom.  Oh my Goodness- I’m not ready for that! I better enjoy these moments.  Look at these faces…

Love Bugs

I think I will take their lost kitten moments and just play.

The cleaning and dishes can wait, mommy time can be postponed, who needs to eat anyway, – wine counts as a food anyway, doesn’t it?

It’s all good now…

I have to admit that while it is easy for me to stop, drop, and play with my children, I am creatively challenged when it comes to I’m bored, what should we do? And what activity works for a 4 and 2 year old combined?

I started to write down activities and things to do- easy ideas, nothing so messy that I have to lay a tarp out, simple activities that don’t require me to buy out the entire arts and crafts section at Michaels, or spend all my allowance on!

That’s right- my husband gives me a weekly allowance based on my dinners.  Gourmet equals jackpot, while soup and sandwich, which he deems as a trucker’s dinner, wins me only the change from his pockets 😦

So, when I’m not scouring the internet for a meal that makes me the big bucks, or I’m not hiding in the closet eating cookies, I hope to surf the net and steal ideas from other brilliant moms – why reinvent the wheel?

Soon, my stack o’ fun will be filled, and when the rainy day, dull moments visit our house and the girls are hovering around me like dogs begging for scraps, I will whip out the cards, let Gia pick out three activity cards (choice is important for them!) and stomp the stale minutes away.

I would love to hear ideas or suggestions!   Oh and before I forget to tell you, I was joking about the allowance/dinner situation.

But, he still does consider the soup/sandwich night a trucker’s delight. I tell him I’ve never seen an unhappy trucker before- they always smile at me and honk their horn as I pass them by…well that was when I was ten…when I was lifting my arm and fake honking- remember doing that?   Anyway, the point is it’s a hot meal and he should not complain because you never know what’s lurking in my soup….Anyone who has seen Orange is the New Black knows what I’m talking about!