Blueberry Crumb Muffins

This one I will put under the page No Brainer.  When you are bored, frustrated, or just in dire need of a little comfort.

I woke up so relaxed today for some reason- floating in a zen like state through the routine of getting out of bed, coming downstairs to get breakfast ready and cleaning up from last night- yup- that’s something new.  I used to not be able to go to sleep unless the kitchen was spotless.   That was until the past year, when life at home with a spunky three year old and a wild one year old left me spent up like a broken wheel.   The little one has so much energy and zest for getting into creams, cleaners, and yes, even the occasional nail polish bottle (Even thinking about that incident makes me cry and remember my aching arms from four hours of blotting and rubbing, blotting and rubbling until the stain was a mere pink stain- ON MY NEW CREAM CARPET!)

I digress…the thing is the zen/relaxed thing is a bad thing for me.  Its like a warm blanket that makes me loopy and not on my game. I am more organized and on point when I am anxious and jittery. It really is unfortunate that I can’t be both.

 All of a sudden we had five minutes to leave for preschool, and I had no make up, didn’t brush my teeth, kids were a mess, etc… I’m sure you’ve all been there at one time or another( assuming anyone is reading this). 

We got out the door. I was super frazzled. I didn’t bring diapers or anything useful with me.  I stopped at Harmons- baby pooped- very smelly, she opened up nailpolishes (she’s really not a baby- she’s a toddler!) She had a meltdown when I said not to the random winter hat with ears on it that was completely heinous- it was just an off morning and I had wanted to get to the library to get some books but with the poop situation, I had to go home.

The only thing to do when things go awry and I feel a loss of control, is to lock the kids in their room and have a major tantrum.

Kidding. I bake.  I do have a play date tomorrow so now I’ll have something fresh and home made to put out. Always a nice touch.


Yum. This is site I used for the recipe.