Hours of Fun with Kids- Kinetic Sand


I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve left a store with some toy or trinket the girls begged for, or just because I was in a bribing kind of mood.

Cheap blinking rings and bracelets from the dollar store that stop working the minute you get home, light up bouncy balls that become light- less, and end up hiding underneath the couch collecting dust.

Barking puppies, neighing unicorns, and cheeping chicks that only serve to annoy the hell out of me – most presents serving as the root of a “That’s mine” fight.  Stickers, crayons, dot paint, chalk, and pencils have added color and interest to my freshly painted walls.

This wall was lacking a little pizazz
This wall was lacking a little pizazz

Yesterday, upon strolling into Michaels to pick up crafting supplies for Easter decorations, I saw these boxes of Kinetic Sand.  I usually don’t look twice at gimmicky type of products, purchase anything from an infomercial, or have a burning desire to buy anything different.  I am an old fashioned, hard to change, do not like to try anything new kind of person (got my Dad’s genes).

I was in an unusually relaxed mood…it was gorgeous out, we hadn’t had any morning activities to rush off to (love a free morning without the stress of getting the little one dressed on a time constraint) and we were headed to the park after.

I decided to buy this product.  It looked so cool, exactly like sand.  The package said “Your hands stay clean, clean-up is a breeze, and it never dries out.” I was sold.   When we got home, we tried it and it was awesome.

Gia says, “I’m so glad we got this, it feels so weird.”

Arianna played with this Kinetic Sand for a little more than an hour- which is a record for her snappy attention span.  She put her feet in it, happy as a pig in mud….Yup- I just compared my daughter to a pig…

So relaxing...
So relaxing…

I feel like I am writing a product review but I really liked this.  I think I will be more open to trying new things in the future.