Child safety and personalized belongings

By Brenda

Last week there was a human interest story in the newspaper featuring a mom who packs her children’s lunch and believes that parents should “take time to educate their kids on nutrition and pack healthy, appealing lunches daily.”

The article sited all the wonderful things the mom does to teach her elementary school children healthy eating habits. She mentioned how little it costs to pack a healthy lunch (a quarter lb. of cut up home-grilled chicken breast 47cents a half cup, five carrot sticks 16 cents, a cheese stick 33 cents, banana 43 cents and so on).

She’s clearly an awesome involved parent, is Vice President of her child’s Parent Teacher Organization, and classroom volunteer. Further down in the article, a picture was shown of their beautiful custom-designed lunch boxes and matching backpacks… and I cringed!

“AAHH what was she thinking?! ” Her children’s names were beautifully embroidered across the tops of the oh-so cute matching backpacks. Obviously, she doesn’t know that her children’s names are a powerful tool for child predators!

Please, for the safety of your children do not personalize any of their belongings on the outside ( any stranger can see their name and call the child by first name, thus confusing a child into believing someone knows them.)

Unfortunately, this includes getting rid of those cute license plates with their names on it for their bicycles. So, yes, let’s teach our precious kiddos the importance of keeping their bodies healthy on the inside but remember to do all you can to help keep them safe on the outside too!

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Watering Cans

“Mom can we go to the JC Pennies, Labor Day Sale?”

“What?” I am laughing, as she is bopping around dancing, and begging,
“Please, please can we go to the Labor Day Sale…”

She has no idea what that even means. She saw this commercial and assumed it was a rockin party….

She is just learning about holidays and in her world, a holiday is a party, and that’s certainly true in this house…boy are we always partying around here…she just heard “Labor Day” and assumed party time!

Thankfully today we were party free. I couldn’t possibly do another day at the lake, or drink another cocktail( well…never say never) or eat any more hamburgers! My husband and I are BBQ’d out and basically, wiped out…

Good bye summer. A little sad because I had a lot of fun with my girls, and seeing so many friends, but looking forward to crisp apples, fall wine festivals, and pumpkins.

So what’s a tired couple to do on Labor Day but go to IKEA. We needed a few things for the house.

I highly recommend taking your kids there when you are bored and need something to do. You can just walk around and around and there is so much for them to touch and feel, the soft “faux” animal furry rugs, the sofas and mattresses to lay on, and all sorts of odd chachkies for them to “play with.”

Look at we can do with 99 cent plastic watering cans!

We got to take them home and play more in the comfort of our own home!
Happy Labor Day Everyone!

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Upon perusing my past posts, and thinking in depth about my starting crafts, quitting crafts, baking, not baking, self helpy annoying posts, it is inherently apparent that I need a bit of a writing break, thinking break, break from my brain.

People start stuff and don’t stick it out all of the time …and the truth is – who cares! Nobody. It’s not even worth talking about.

This was going to be a plastic bottle to decorate. We didn’t decorate a ton more…and like I said, it’s really not that important!

I don’t need to tell anyone that I am stopping something or starting something…it’s not like Jennifer Aniston made an announcement that she was stopping following the Zone diet, remember that one? Or that Jillian Michaels broke down, stopped exercising for a week, and stuffed her face full of chocolates…maybe this happened …but we’ll never know and it really doesn’t matter!

Now if the Pope became Jewish, that would be important. But I’m not the Pope. I’m just a gal with a blog who over shared and I would like to keep a few things in the vault from now on.

. Shhhh…..
In fact, I will be looking through old posts and deleting a few eye rolling ones, as I choke on embarrassment, thinking of my friends reading these…you know the ones…the “I QUIT” posts.

This blog is movin on up…or rather out of the therapists chair! Well, me, that is…


With that being said, I am broadening the scope of ideas and adding to our reading fun…I will be having guest writers…coming soon to the girlyreports….I know I have promised this in the past and these people never materialized for one reason or another…just the way life goes…but I have a couple definite women writing soon and I can’t wait!

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