Day five- Make it, Do it, Love it

Seems like a whirlwind of a day! Make up dance class and last class for Gia’s friend, Kailey, who is currently on the road to their new life in Indiana! Really going to miss them!


For a good bye party, one mom, Dana made these luscious Ladybug cupcakes! So incredible!


The picture doesn’t do these cute cupcakes justice! It was really dark and not a great picture.

Awesome news!

SHE IS GOING TO BE JOINING ME ON THE GIRLY REPORTS SOON! I am beyond excited as she is amazingly talented and will inspire all of us to get in touch with our creative side…

Then, Kailey’s mom took Gia to lunch and a few other stops while Arianna and I made four stops in an hour! I felt like a momma on five shots of espresso, trying to pack as much as possible into the little time I had with just one child! Delivered cookies to a friend, stopped into Michaels for some crafting supplies, Harmon’s, and got gas (ok so that doesn’t really count as a store!)

Gia was dropped off and then we drove back to Gia’s old school to meet up with her best friend Giana and sign her up for a few weeks of camp!

We saw her old teachers! So funny because they saw Arianna and thought it was Gia! So great seeing one of my favorite friends, Jessica, and just enjoying the beautiful weather at the playground !


Two of the girls enjoying snacks… The others were swinging and sliding

And I almost bailed on her…

Anxiety release

My house is a total mess, so much laundry to do…It. Never.ends! Neither does the clutter! I truly need a house cleaner!

And…I have a zillion things to organize and get… It seems that way these days! Sure is hard not having ANY help!

I know I don’t technically work, but I always feel stressed!

So, the point is, I was hemming and hawing about meeting up and then I just got in the car. Fast forward to later in the day – so worth it! Nothing is that important that you can’t take your kids to the playground and meet up with a friend for an hour or two…Moms need mom friends!!!! It is so important! Love my friends and that is my happy thought of the night! Have an awesome weekend everyone!